I signed, I regret...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Edu Zappa, May 22, 2004.

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  1. Edu Zappa

    Edu Zappa Guest

    I saw a topic, which someone is asking why they signed, and I didn't,.... well... 2 years ago, I signed w/ WEA.... they released our album, they made a single and one video..... but we try don't push too hard, we did almost everything that they wanted... that was the first mistake... then, something happened, the president of the brazilian WEA, went to Latin WEA, and came another president, which sent our album to hell.... now, we don't have the music, we don't have the album, we don't have our success.... I heard that BMG and Sony was looking for us right after we signed w/ wea... but our manager was a great friend of the guy who went to Mexico... and, the new guy didn't like what we did on MTV, cuz we had no experience at all on TV, and we talk BS (the second mistake-before being famous, don't say what you want!).... the thruth is that we were one of the best reggae bands in Brazil, we had fans, even when we were independent, we had attitude, grip, punch, a future... now, we can't stand anymore... there's no band anymore... no album, no music, no inspiration to keep going, now there's just great stories about this episode.... and, now I ask you guys, is better to say NO?????..... that would change everything...
  2. maintiger

    maintiger Well-Known Member

    Dec 3, 2003
    Whittier, California, USA
    Sorry to hear that. Now you gotta pick yourself up from the floor and start again. At least now you now you can do it!
  3. Edu Zappa

    Edu Zappa Guest

    thanx buddy.... I used to get bored w/ that.... I couldn't even sleep well.... but now, I'm much better!!!... at least they released the album... and it's a piece of history!...
  4. thats a drag man, i do wish you best of luck in the future tho : )
  5. thats a drag man, i do wish you best of luck in the future tho : )
  6. thats a drag man, i do wish you best of luck in the future tho : )
  7. andrebrito

    andrebrito Guest

    Olá !

    $*^t, that's just plain bad luck, sorry to hear about that ! Looking at the positive side you had a great band and released an album.. music bizz nowadays sucks period.
  8. Yippee

    Yippee Guest

    Everyone gets kicked somehow and someway in life. You live and learn, and move on. If your goal is still to make music, don't let a set back stop you. Go over it, under it, around it, or through it. What we experience makes us stronger and wiser. Keep going after your dream.

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