I think my speakers broken

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by timtu, Jan 27, 2005.

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    well the other day i was playing around with a tone generator and my monitors went all funny. the sound was getting through but it was fainter and sounded wirey. perhaps i could be the coil but they are full range and pretty alright speakers. Could anyone please shed some light and as Mr T would say 'pity the fool'.

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    Oct 29, 2003
    The speakers sounded "wirey"?

    The easiest way to see if a speaker is blown is to push the cone in and see if a) it stays there and doesn't spring back out when you release it, or b) you can feel any sort of friction as you push the speaker in.

    This only applies to "woofers", don't try this with a tweeter.
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    Blown Speaker

    You could also take anything from an AA (penlight) battery to a 9v and momentarily connect the terminals of the speaker to the battery. If the speaker moves in or out as you briefly apply the current the coil is OK.

    Not very scientific but pretty fool proof also good way of checking the polarity of your speakers as well.

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    A sure fire way to tell is to drop a 10 pound anvil on the driver from a height of 4 feet. If the driver sounds way worse than it did, it was probably fine.

    I think this is what they call "Destructive Testing" in the industiral world.

    Good luck.

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