i want my mixes to sound lo fi

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  1. So I just got LogicStudio9 since it was a ridiculous price at my university and have been loving it. The sound quality is so crisp and professional sounding, which is awesome for some songs that I work on, but not so much for others. I make a lot of indie-ish, music which I want to have that gritty lo fi sound as if it were recorded using the shittiest of the tape decks or something.

    if anyone has any tricks/tips/suggestions on how to achieve this lo fi sound in a LP9, or just in general, it would be greatly appreciated. I realize the easiest solution would just be to actually record to tape, but that isnt what I am trying to do i dont think.

    let me know and any responses are appreciated. thanks
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    I can understand wanting a deliberate mix going lo-fi, but having the basics in hi-fidelity allows you pare it to the sound you want and still retain the audio clarity. Running well recorded tracks back through a myriad of odd sounding devices is a way to achieve this.

    Finding an older vocorder or a synth module of the analog variety and running a signal through it would allow you to manipulate the the frequencies and the modulations.....using stomp boxes on tracks....finding a decent cassette multitrack recorder and recording certain parts and then editting and time aligning with your program....

    All these things are all about being experimental.....but having FIDELITY in your lo-fi gets it more listenable than a simple lo-fi recording with no fidelity.
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    I sometimes use some of logic's distortion effects to add a little dirt.
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    I oftenly use my old nagra recorder to tape things. And then play them through its tiny speaker and mic that back...
    Works like a charm...

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