I want to record at eternity

Discussion in 'Computing' started by zsjur, Aug 2, 2009.

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    A huge hard rive

    Have a look at the space calculator on this page in the Sound Devices Forum

    Select 192/24 and 1 track. You'll see it take about 33 Mb per MINUTE per TRACK
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    Unless you are willing to spend $30000 USD then you will not get 37 tracks at 192k. Plan on 4-8 tracks being the maximum you can keep synchronized sufficiently to be useful and that is still with a very very good computer and two FF800's or similar level interface.

    You don't need 192k. Many people cannot hear the difference between 96k and 192k in untreated rooms. The advantage to the high rates would pretty much only be for mixing purposes. Bounce down will still only be at 16/44/1 or 24/48.

    If you really truly wanted the best quality then you need to work in DSD 1 bit or go to 2" tape (and all the equipment/maintenance/etc).

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