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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by anonymous, Dec 24, 2004.

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    Feb 10, 2001
    I am in a band. When we play out I take my 16 channel board. I usally split the microphone signal (using my pre-amp) on the lead vocals. That way I can send 1 channel (1/4" mono) dry to the board from the pre-amp. And the SPDIF out goes to the Eventide DSP 7000 Harmonizer and the XLR out goes to a Lexicon PCM 81.
    1 channel---dry
    2 channel---left Eventide DSP7000
    3 channel---right Eventide DSP7000
    4 channel---left Lexicon
    5 channel---right Lexicon

    However now I am getting 2 more units for vocals (an Eventide Eclipse and an Eventide 2016) and I want to send the mic signal through the 2 new effects also.
    How can I split the signal to send to all of them? So that they will be on channels 6 & 7, and 8 & 9
    FYI---we set the board right beside the singer and he can adjust each fader at any point of the show
    It works out really well. But I dont want to use the AUX to do the same thing in the live situation
    Also the reason this works so well is because, when we are between songs or the singer is only talking to the crowd, He is able to pull down the delay's & reverbs & Harmonizer FX's
    Just by pulling down all the faders with the exception of the dry channel 1
    And before he starts singing again he sets all of the faders back to unity
    Would a patch bay work?
    Should I use some sort of SPDIF spliter?
    Anybody got any good ideas I could try?
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