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  1. Hi, im new here, im not sure on all your technical language and adn home recording my band (im the guitarist), i've studied music tech at b-tech but as usual, i really have no clue about what im doing (I only got a pass).

    Let me explain about the "studio". were a punk band so were not needing any amazing recording feat or anything, just the basics. I know about some stuff but i need pointers and stuff.

    At the moment were using a pc with 120gb of space, 224 mb of ram. its an old pc, but were using cubase sx, a yamaha mg16 or somthing mixing desk which goes into the line in on the pc (the only way we can get stereo for the drums!) we have a set of 7 Drum mics which are excelent -, i would recomend them to anybody.

    Guitar and Bass wise, I use a Marshall mghdfx head which i plug straight into the mixing desk and we use the headphone port from the bass amp.

    Vocals go straight into the desk too, Now, we have spent quite a bit on all of this and were wondering how we can get the best out of it. any pointers? especially the guitar sounds a bit dull, also the vocals need to cut through a little more. im not sure how to do much of this (i was trained in a professiomnal studio using pro tools!!) so this home recording lark is a bit different for me. thanks.

    oooh, and how do you get a good acoustic guitar sound, i was thinking of using the condenser o/h mics, would this be good?

    sorry about the lenth but im not asking for a yes no answer. lol

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    If your recording punk bass and guitar you probably dont want to record it direct. Hook your marshall head in to a speaker cabinet (size dosnt matter) and try putting an sm57 right on the grill. Keep moving the mic aroung the gril untill you get an ideal sound. For bass you can probably get away with micing with your bass drum mic or just plugging the bass direct. As far as acoustic guitar goes, a condenser sounds good :) . Now my techniques arent tried and true, but they work for me. Most people know what they know by experimenting and trying diffrent things!

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