If I run my JBL MR Series at 4ohms will it harm them?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by kidkarmadj, Nov 14, 2005.

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    I have started buying used JBL Sound Reinforcement such as MR Series and even some old school Cabaret Series. I've been taking the Cabarets apart and totally restoring them inside and out. Fortunatly I have a Certified JBL Speaker Tech in my neighborhood to do the recones and I'm a painter by trade so after a coat of low lustre oil enamel the cabs are looking and sounding brand spanking new when I'm done with them. So far over the past 7 months I've purchased 2 pairs of MR 822 and 2 pairs of MR 825 as well as a pair of TR225 and a pair of Cabaret 4628b's. I can care less about the TR's but I'll keep them around anyway. I have purchased (3) Crown XLS 602 amps (370 watts @ 8ohms per side & 600 watts @ 4 ohms per side) but I don't really know how to run all of them. I guess my question is can I run 2 pairs of the MR 825 off one XLS 602 amp? The MR 825 and MR 822 require about 500-600 watts program. Or instead of running 2 pairs at 4 ohms should I just run 1 pair for each amp at 8 ohms and 370 watts per speaker? If I choose to run my speakers at 4 ohms, will that cause them harm in the long run? These are a few questions about my mains. I also have a few bass bins that I need to figure out as well. Maybe I'll post those questions tmrw. Thanks!
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    You can run 2 off each channel just fine. You obviously won't be powering each speaker to its full potential but it won't damage them. The way I would run it if that was my set up is bridge the crown amps into a pair of speakers which would give you 1600 watts @ 4 ohms. If you needed to run in stereo you would need a fourth amp to keep in even but if you rann in mono the 3 amps would allow you to run 3 pairs of speakers at 4800 watts. This I would think would be a sufficient amount of power. If you trying to use 2 of the amps for monitors and subs and only want to run one amp for mains the one amp would be fine. I'm just an overkill guy.
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    Thanks much!

    Won't the sound quality go down if used in Bridged Mono mode?

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