If you didn't need plugins, what XP DAW would you choose?

Discussion in 'Computing' started by audiokid, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Okay, I'm evolving daily... back and forth... Here is another angle to chat about.

    So far, my experience with plugins is just okay. They are excellent for ease but not at all what I'm going to base my decision on buying my next DAW.

    I have excellent higher end hardware and converters that I want to take full advantage of. I'm getting more and more hardware as demo's, bartering etc from manufacturers. Perks of the job (y)

    What DAW under XP pro would be my best choice?
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    I have an M-Audio firewire dongle for PT M-Power but I just as often use Audition 3.0. I've been meaning to get around to purchasing or trial edition-ing Cubase but haven't done so. I evolved from my first forays in digital recording which were with regular PT. But your tax dollars paid for that since I was in the Corps at the time. Mackie Tracktion is too far away from an analog looking board for my taste but I own version 2. On rare occasions I track with it and mix on Audition.

    How confusing was that?!? Honestly, if I had the money and a loading crew I would still be mostly analog with Alesis HD24XR's for digital storage but I'm a one man show.
  3. Demo a few if you can (Cubase has no demo unfortunately).

    I believe you demoed Sonar and didn't like it ?

    Plenty more to try - Samplitude (although quite crippled) has a demo, SawStudio has a demo (crippled).

    Have you tried Reaper ? An excellent and ever developing program for 50 bucks for non commercial license and 275 dollars for commercial license.

    Mackie Tracktion3 has a demo.

    I personally like Cubase best, but then again, I grew up on it. It has improved plugins in C5, but it has extensive audio and MIDI functionality and a great interface (IMHO). Having no demo is a pain though and I'm sure deters many buyers, although they give away the cutdown versions of Cubase with just about any audio interface/midi controller/etc
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    If you're looking for easy, fast, elegant, intuitive and stable DAW, and don't care much for MIDI:


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