I'm done mixing and need some advice on hiring a master engineer

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Bryanpu1, May 16, 2010.

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    I have Cubase SX3 and currently at the end of a 2 year music creation and mixing project of 9 compositional works using Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs, and am ready for the mastering stage. I want a fresh set of ears listening to the work and have decided not to master it myself. I see many online mastering studios that don't seem to charge a lot, like $25 - $50 a song or so, most of them sound like they know what they are talking about, but how do I know they are any good? Does anyone have an opinion concerning places like Channel Fuse Media, Mix Logics, Best Online Mastering studio and so forth? Can any of you recommend a Mastering Engineer who is experienced in mastering Orchestral Choral religious works? Thanks in advance for any help you might give as I begin this last stage of my work.
  2. Mmm. Looks like a mastering engineer for symphonic orchestra seems rare. If you like I can handle this job, I don't charge for a fee just having my name include in credits :) The best way to handle this type of work is not to overcompress the material, just needs it to be "loud" but not "overloud" like in pop and rock because in my experience, symphonic orchestra works needs a lot of dynamic range (difference between loud and soft). Will not be much difficult and its pretty quick I think.
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    Thanks for your response. It's been a busy day as I handle the music at our church, I haven't been able to answer you until now. Later I will email you and we can discuss this further. I have had a hard time getting on the forum today, the server seems very busy the times I have tried. Your comments about Symphonic Orchestra makes me think there not a lot of correction that needs to be done for this VST instrument which is good news and I was wondering about that. Any improvements you can make would be appreciated. I have been thinking about adding Izotpe Ozone 3 plug in to Cubase and overtime learn how to master. I have been mixing for a few years and I have always intuitively thought the most important piece of gear was my ears than I read the same thing from Mastering Engineers. I will get with you later, thanks again for your kindness.

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    I probably work on 20 or 30 orchestral recordings a year. I don't know any decent engineers who don't work on classical.
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    So it sounds like mastering engineers don't mind working on a project comprising of nothing but VST instruments such as East West Symphonic Choirs and Symphonic Orchestra? Can you recommend a Mastering Engineer and what would the rate be for 9 orchestral choral numbers?
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    I am sure that by now you have a lot of PM messages from a lot of mastering engineers offering their services. What you are asking for, rates for mastering, is not something that normally gets discussed here on this mastering forum as it amounts to "pimping" which is discouraged. There are lots of good mastering engineers on this forum and I am sure if you PM them they can tell you what their experience is and what their rates are. FWIW
  7. Bryanpu1

    Bryanpu1 Guest

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will do that
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