I'm dropping out! More RAM/CPU??? Athlon 64 3000+ 1 Gig RAM

Discussion in 'Computing' started by audiovisceral, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. I picked up my current DAW about a year ago and it's been treating me fine up until now.

    However, I've recently acquired a copy of Waves Diamond and have been attempting to use it in my projects for pro mix/master sound. I would really like to take advantage, but my system's just not up to it.

    I songwrite through Sonar PE4 with Reason and Sampletank for sounds. My soundcard is a M-Audio Delta 1010 PCI.

    What do you guys think - is it my RAM or CPU? What is the economical route I can take to remedy this?

  2. jonnyc

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    Apr 21, 2005
    Probably cpu, waves plugs can be really really hoggish and bog your daw down quick. Check out those wave shells or whatever they're called. They aren't cheap but providing extra processing power for waves plugs and you can add multiple units to your set up for increased performance.
  3. Vaylence

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    I'm not sure if you remembered this, and please I dont want to insult your intelligence, but the freeze option is always avalible. I know I often over look it just because I like to have everything at my fingertips, but if push came to shove I think I would start using it more.

    Peace lillys!
  4. Yeah I was thinking about the freeze. Still haven't used it to its max extent, but I certainly think I will.

    Also, I'm re-evaluating and I think the main issue isn't really the plug-ins, it's my weak ass mixing skills. Really all I should need per typical track is a Q10 and C1 (or equivalent eq and compressor) then a maxx bass, exciter, LinMB compressor, and L1/2/3 on my master bus. My system can take that.

    The problem is where I'm adding like 8 million plug-ins because I don't know how to consistently build tight mixes. Sometimes I get them, sometimes it's weak.

    I just bought a few books from Amazon.com:

    Maybe that will help me.


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