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    Not sure really what it's called...like where to put vocals as far as left or right side of speakers. I guess maybe its called sound placement or panning? Anyway, any good books or websites that have standards of where to place each track. I know that it depends on the song and feel but are there any general rules like never put bass on one side or never pan drums to one side. Also the term for this would be very helpful. That was embarrasing....

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    There aren't any absolutes...but there are some generally used settings. Most of these you can figure out by listening to your favorite music, or someone else's favorite music...or some really crappy music that no one likes. Throw 5 discs in the ol' CD changer and give a listen. Listen to the positioning of the instruments. Listen to see if they change per song/CD/band. Figure out what you like. Copy it, then make it your own.


    Lead vocals are usually panned in the center. Bass, kick and snare too.

    I sometimes like to have a snare a little (LITTLE) off to one side...but it depends on other things in the song.

    Drums, the toms at least, are usually panned from left to right, but that depends on the kit. Many ppl pan them from the drummer perspective, I don't. Why? I have no idea. I think Air drumming has a lot to do with it.
    The overheads for the drums can be panned hard left and right.

    Guitars? I don't know. Maybe rhythm guitars in the center with leads off to a side somewhat. I'll generally come up with something in the middle and maybe use an effect panned somewhere.

    Sometimes, I'll pan out a mix just the way I see a band on stage. Nothing hard left or right...but just enough to give an idea of things being spread out.

    Good luck and have fun!
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    I try to put things in the mix as I would see them on a stage .. If that makes any sense

    look with your ears so to speak.. Where ever they are on stage is where you put it in the mix
    Left ,right, center,front and back...
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    Try this place. It should keep you busy for a while.


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