I'm not sure i love my Eclipse

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by aclane, Sep 26, 2007.

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    I spent this years audio budget on an eventide eclipse. I'm not saying that it's not cool. It's got 400 unique effects presets. But I was mainly hoping it would be my go-to reverb. I didn't think i was that picky about reverbs, and that one solid reverb unit would meet 75-80% of my needs. Anyways, so far I don't think it does that at all.
    I'd still rather use my Trueverb or R-verb plugins (though my CPU does not like that)

    I found a couple presets that are decent (reverb 8 AND Pcm70 Hall) but they're not going to meet most of my needs.
    Maybe they're esentially in there, i just need to figure out how to edit the existing presets to get the natural sounding rooms and ambient textures I'm looking for?

    My MOTU Ethno i recently got has about 30 different reverbs and I really like some of them. If I could route my mix through that program i'd just use that!
    Why does this $300 virtual instrument have a better selection of reverbs than I can find in my eventide?

    I think I might just need something clean and simple.
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    You make a statement but don;t ask a direct questions. Are you asking for specific reverb gear advice?

    Lexicon PCM91 & TC M3000 are both great sounding, affordable and fairly simple to use.
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    Are you a tweaker or a preset user? Eventide products usually have a lot more "under the hood" than what is visible to the naked eye. Maybe you need to get in there and get a bit dirty?

    But if you aren't digging it, since it's an Eventide, I would guess that it would hold it's value pretty well. Dump it and go for a Lexicon. They've got 'verb for days.

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