Im trying to hook up a few components and mo-tu

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  1. bwmac

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    Mar 15, 2007
    and I'm haveing some problems, No sheet dick tracy

    soooooo, I could use some advice or suggestions

    I need to connect these components togeather
    I have two PCz sound cards are the motu 828 mkll on main recording DAW
    ----motu page----

    and the audio pile 24/96 on storage and file (internet) PC
    ----24/96 page----

    the stereo a SONY STR-DE697

    the JVC duel tape deck TD-W309
    ----same as this player, 2 RCA in and 2 RCA out----

    the cd player Yamaha CDC-585
    ----CD Player----

    The High speed USB is sending the signal back and forth to the Motu 828 ok and it plays through the monitors.
    But thats it though
    ILL quite here and let you guys ask the questions, what else you need to know.

    My Goal is to send and recieve to each and all except the CD player is send only :roll:
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    There are a couple questions like;
    Do you want to be able to record from tape or cd player into one or both of the computers?
    Do you want to route everything through one computer or have the ability to operate each machine one on its own?
    Do you have a mixer?

    I don't understand the need for the two machines and without knowing more I would recommend that you consolidate everything into one to make it your life much easier.

    Anyway, here goes...

    The CD player and tape deck should be hooked up to the stereo as they normally would be.

    If you want to communicate between the two computers, you'll want to hook them together buy taking two outputs of the MOTU going into the Audiophile and two of the Audiophiles outputs going into the MOTU. Of course, you will have to be very careful not to create any feedback loops when using the two computers.

    Now, for the stereo bit. Take the main outputs of the MOTU and hook them up into the stereo...maybe into an aux input. If you want to play audio directly from the other computer, then hook the other set of outputs from the Audiophile to the stereo into some other input.

    If you want to be able to record data from a CD or Tape onto one of the computers, you'll need an output from the stereo to the computer. If the stereo has a line out, you may be able to use that. If it has a digital output as many of todays stereos have, you may be able to use that with the MOTU. If it has two sets of those sort of outputs, then you can hook the other one to the Audiophile. I don't know the specifics of the stereo and can't give you specifics on what hooks up where.

    What this should give you is the ability to record from one computer to the other. You should also be able to use one computer without requiring the other to be turned on. Depending on the connections on the stereo, you may also be able to record from the tape and CD player to either of the computers.

    If you don't need to record from the tape or CD player into the computers, then you don't need to hook an output from the stereo to the computer. For CDs recording, you should just use the computer's CD player and if you really need to record from tape, you could hook the tape player's outputs into either the MOTU or Audiophile.

    Does any of that make any sense?
  3. bwmac

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    Mar 15, 2007
    Ya, and It was some great info

    There is a lot to consider and thats why I left it vague,
    But between all of the in's and out's, you touched on some things that I missed, so I grabbed two more light pipe cables, which should solve one of my directional shortages.

    The reason for two computers is because the one that I use
    now as my main DAW doesn't see the net.
    They are all connected through a network, 5 computers in total, each with a different task.
    But the two inperticuler need to be able to hear each other.
    I dont transfer files from collaborations and such directly to the main DAW without a good scan
    and test on the first machine.

    I guess I am going to have to use a mixer to split my main out signal,
    as that is my main problem because I don't have enough outs to feed everything and I don't want to loose signal either.

    Thanks again for your help and if anyone else has any Ideas
    Please post them so that others will have your Ideas.

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