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    100 Imaging Sounds - Volume 01 / IMPACT!

    Hello everyone! We just wanted to let people know about our our latest radio & broadcast imaging projects! We are an independent production company in Vancouver, BC. We predominantly make radio commercials however in 2011 we also began packaging our own imaging libraries. What makes our libraries special is simple, we make sounds that reach out of your speakers and slap you in the face for a price that is totally inexpensive. Regardless of your application, check these out and we think you'll be very happy you did! More info:

    The Distinct Broadcasting 100 Imaging Sounds - Volume 01 library is filled with 100 custom imaging sounds that were designed to provide maximum impact (fast attack transients, huge dynamic range) while utilizing sounds that are totally distinct from other imaging libraries available. The library contains 100 perfectly edited, 24bit, 44.1 .wav file format, ready to be dropped into your project and used immediately. We're starting you off with 100 amazing sounds but with a little imagination and some basic editing skills, you can create a thousand more variations making the possibilities with this library virtually endless!
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