Importance / Difference that a headphone amp makes

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    I know this is a noob question, but I could not find a clearly appropriate forum to ask it...

    I recently purchased some Sennheiser HD600 phones, but no amp. I am (already) amazed by the clarity of the sound--listening to some recordings of Chaka Khan singing I can actually tell her facial expression by the sound of her voice.

    ...and this is without any headphone amp. I presume I "need" one, but I wonder if that is so and how much difference it would make? I also hope/assume that it is no harm not to use one? Since I plan to do some home recording, it also seems that many are please with a Rane brand as mid-range equipment.

    Thanks Much
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    The reason for using a headphone amp in general is to send or split signals to multiple headphone sets in the studio enviroment. It allows each musician to tailor the volume of their own headset, some of these offer seperate inputs that add another signal to the main mix so that the particular musicians instrument can be adjusted to a higher level. It is probably not needed for a single headset.
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    Well thanks for that, that's one less "must-have" item for the short-term.

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