importing multiple sessions into 1 single session in prtls

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  1. Hey guys i was wondering if anyone knew how to import multiple sessions into 1 single session in pro tools.

    I have 4 songs made up and i am trying to take songs 2 through 3 and tac them onto the end of song 1 so it can be easier for me to compair all of the tracks together. any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    I don't really know what you mean by taking one session through another or to tac (no existing english abilities)...

    but for comparison you could bounce each track to disk and import them as audio files into a new session.....

    imoprting the sessions themself, for example to be able to take quick adjustments, could be complicated but it doesn't have to and I would consider of the two in my actual opinion most important conditions:
    1. all sessions should have the same masterfader setting(plug ins..and of course only if you are using one) because as far as I know you can use only one in a session!
    2. the number of tracks you have in the final session shall not be bigger than the one that your session supports! PT LE 32 or 48 tracks... of course you can exceed that number but activating and deactivating tracks and groups could get a clumsy thing.

    and then you can import the whole session data except the masterfader!
    file/import/sessiondata; mark all tracks....
    and with event/time/insert time you can tweak around to get space for placing the regions wright.

    if you weren't thinking of this things I hope this helps
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