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    Well, I was going to write a nice long post on the virtues of great service, but I'm a terrible writer. So, here's the short version. :D

    I recieved my ANUS today from NewEgg and I'm impressed. Not by the quick service or fast shipping, though that was great, but buy the extra ATA100 cable they thought I might need. Simple I know, but it's those little details that make a huge difference to me. They were thoughtful and I'll be rewarding them with my business in the future.

    Now, besides recommending NewEgg with this testamony, I'd like to point out to any newcomers to the business of recording, or any business for that matter, the importance of outstanding service. The quickest way to build a new business is through referals and the quickest way to get referals is to provide remarkable service. The quickest way to providing remarkable service is attention to the small stuff. It's the small stuff that'll get peoples attention. Well, mine at least.


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    I buy almost everything for my computers through Newegg. They've really got their act together, from start to finish.
    First off, their prices are very good, usually as cheap as those disreputable internet retailers. Then, they don't inflate the shipping, infact a lot of their stuff has free shipping. THEN, when you check out, if you buy multiple items, you get a break on the shipping.
    I like the fact that they give you the option of paying a few extra bucks to ensure that they ship it out the same day if you order before noon. I've done it a couple of times, and sure enough, the whole order was shipped within a couple of hours. Even if you don't pay it, your order usually leaves their warehouse the same day.
    Once it leaves there, the Fedex Express Saver service gets the order to you FAST, usually only two days. I've had bad experiences with UPS, so the fact that they use Fedex is a big plus to me.
    When the package arrives, you open the box and you have to dig through a lot of packing peanuts and bubble wrap to get to your stuff. Some of these places just throw your order in a box with some shredded paper and send it on it's way.
    When you buy a lot of parts on a regular basis, you get the occasional defective piece. It just happens. Newegg handles that situation better than any other. No 3rd degree, no BS, they give you an RMA number, you ship it to them, they turn around and send you the replacement right away, and you have it in less than a week. This is a MAJOR benefit! And if you have to return something for refund, you don't end up losing a massively-inflated shipping fee like you do with a lot of the online retailers.
    Jeez ... I sound like a friggin commercial. That's cool. They deserve it.
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