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Discussion in 'Bass' started by flesymekili, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. flesymekili

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    I am mixing something that has poorly recorded drums and bass (don't ask it is not my fault). I'm wondering if anyone has any good strategy to get the most out of this kind of situation.

    Basically, I can EQ the drums to get them sounding decent, but the cymbals spill over way too much into the snare, tom, and kick channels. Also the kick, even EQed to an extreme doesn't really have a very good sound. Does anyone ever substitute in sampled drums within a recorded track? I am thinking of putting in a separate kick track to see how that sounds. Does anyone have any techniques for this kind of situation?

    Also, the bass sound is pretty good but I think must have been only recorded DI and compressed. I want to try and give it a little more depth (or whatever). EQ of course helps but does anyone have any cool ways of getting a heavier sound?

    Thanks folks. :)
  2. Dan_Pence

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    As for replacing your drum hits with sampled hits, you can use the Sound Replacer plug in, if you're in pro tools. If you don't have that plug, there is a manual way to do exactly what the plug in does, but it takes about 50 times as long to accomplish.
  3. flesymekili

    flesymekili Guest

    yeah... actually i posted this in the home studio section as well. No need for other replies. Thanks for the tip though.

    I'm actually not concered with how to use the midi sounds, i just wanted to see if other people thought it sounded convincing. I do think midi drums with recorded cymbals sounds fairly convincing.... but i'd still rather just have a good drum recording in a good room. (duhhhh)
  4. tranqs

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    well, you have a lot of options to fix this.

    1- the drums: You can create a sub for the snare and bass drum. In this channel you will put a huge compressor and then will mix this sub with the original tracks of the drums. You'll see a improvement at the sound!!! By the way, you can put the bass at the same sub channel....

    2: the bass: You can route the recorded bass to a bass amplifier, mic the amp, and record again the sound in another track!!!! This kind of solution it's very good when you have a poor sound!!!If you don't have a bass amp you can route the signal to a pre amp to increase the signal.... Another solution that i like to use is the RBASS plugin from waves.

  5. jonyoung

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    Dec 31, 2003
    I've just been there....we retracked drums. Part of our problem was the drummer was on the cymbals 90% of the time, so there weren't many kick or snare hits to work with. If you have a reasonable performance from the drummer, try a stem mix of the kick, snare & toms either with a gate to eliminate most of the cymbals, or sidechain compression for the same purpose. What kind of settings are you using for compression for kick & snare?

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