In much need of help with sound proofing my vocal booth!!!!

Discussion in 'Acoustics (Live Room, ISO Booths)' started by spacestationmusic, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. hi guys? i guess you can say that im new to the game but i buitl a studio in my garage and im working on the acoustical aspect of my vaocal booth and i need some help with sound proofing it and how much foam i should use and what not. its about 7 ft in height and 6 feet in length...
  2. Codemonkey

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Two things:

    - Sound proofing stops sound getting out.
    Is that really what you want most?
    - Acoustic treatment improves the sound inside by clearing up reflections and whatnot.
    This is probably what you want.

    What size is your "booth"? You say 6 feet in length, but how wide is it? (The floor dimensions)
    If you say 6 feet, someone will cry.
  3. its 4 1/2 ft in width
  4. Kapt.Krunch

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    Nov 21, 2005
    Could be both, actually. Stop sound from getting IN. And, make it more acoustically pleasant inside. Both requiring different treatment.

    Either? Both?

  5. both would be nice
  6. mwacoustic

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    Check over in the Studio Construction Forum. Lots of info there for both sound proofing and acoustical treatment.

    Don't forget to read the sticky.
  7. MadMax

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    Home Page:

    A very quick primer... (it took me quite awhile to figure out the difference between sound-proofing and acoustical treatment.)

    Mass and lack of air flow is what it takes to absorb/contain sound.(soundproofing)

    Because acoustic foams have very little mass, they will only really help shape the character of sound in an enclosure. Thus, foams are really acoustical treatments for shaping a rooms' sound.

    Caulking the seams, adding gaskets around doors/windows and openings will help stop sound... wherever air goes, so does sound.

    Adding a layer of gypsum or adding a layer of OSB/plywood is adding mass to a wall or surface. That mass will help stop sound from transmitting from one room to the other.... provided that the rest of the room is isolated from adjacent rooms.

    I too will invite ya's to come on down to the Studio Construction forum.
  8. o k ok....thank you very much i will check the forum out..

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