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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Attitude, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Hi folks, this is one of my favourite sites, and I think this one will help us on our way to more insight, too.

    Douglas Self is one of the Amp-Gurus. I like his attitude towards subjectivism. Recently, I have been reading his book "Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook". This is a must! Can't wait to read his older volume "Self on Audio".
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    Hey, thanks for the link, Attitutude.

    I really enjoyed reading it his writings on "Subjectivity." (I think it covers more than just amp design....he sure sounds like someone I'd enjoy having a conversation with about a LOT of things in our biz.)
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    I own and have read those books and learned much from them. However, I feel that his "Subjectivity" chapter throws too much weight behind Objectivity. That is, the strong reliance on what a distortion meter or oscilloscope reads for determining audio performance. Pure objective analysis is just as futile as pure subjective impression. In every instance which I have observed an objectively "perfect" piece of gear auditioned in the studio, the engineers and musicians have turned their noses up at it!

    The design and problem-solving chops of an EE is best tempered with artistic feedback from music engineers, producers and musicians. This synergy produces the best in audio performance.

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