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    Hi all,
    Trying to make it on your own in the music industry isn't easy. Anyone who is a music artist knows that. One of the many obstacles that we independent musicians face is distribution of our music. It's one thing to flip the bill for recording, then having to pull some money together for packaging, then finally having to come up with ways to distribute it, and keep low costs if any.

    I think the cheapest way to sell your songs is online in mp3 format. There are services and sites out there that let you upload your music and have it available for people to purchase and download. I believe that most of these services charge a fee per download but it's worth it for the convenience, for you and the costumer. Another way to distribute your music online is through your website. It's the same concept as using another service that provides your music ready for download but instead you host the mp3's. Upload the songs into the c-panel of your website. Put each song in its own folder so you can charge a fee per song. You will need a payment processor account for this but most of them are free to use. People will simply come to your website, pay a small fee for the song, and then instantly download it. That's a fast, easy, and convenient way to distribute your music.

    Since your not signed to a label yet getting unsolicited music into a record store will be difficult. I will tell you what I did and it worked out great for me. I'm sure you have some mom and pop or independent type record stores in your area. Go to these stores and ask them if they will let you sell your packaged music there. They may want a percentage for each copy sold but who cares, your music is in a record store. Having your music in stores makes your group seem a bit more professional then other groups that don't. When you are trying to impress important people in the music industry little things like having your music in a few record stores does make a difference.
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    All the Mom and Pop record stores around here were long ago shut down by Borders and Barnes and Nobel. We had three really great local CD stores with very knowledgeable sales people working there that were all shut down. They were doing a land office business until Borders showed up and started selling albums for less than the independent record stores could buy them for and then when the Mom and Pop stores went out of business Borders raised their prices to above what any of the Mom and Pop stores ever charged. Borders also forced out all the local book stores and magazine shops at the same time.

    Just recently three new vinyl record stores have opened up and seem to be holding their own for the time being. I wish them MUCH LUCK!!!!

    As to distribution of an independent artist. Most artists around here sell their CDs at their concerts or on the WWW.

    Best of luck with your sales!

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