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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Doc@BeefyTreats.com, Jul 17, 2003.

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  1. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2002
    I like the drummers that played with Greg Howe in his older albums !
  2. pmolsonmus

    pmolsonmus Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2003
    Clyde Stubblefield with James Brown!

    He lives in Madison WI (actually recently suffering from serious illness- living w/out insurance!)
    Had a chance to work with him for a few gigs 15 years ago or so in a jazz and R&B setting. There is no one who can split the back of your head w/ a Funk backbeat better than Clyde and he could play in any style.

    A few I didn't see mentioned in the jazz category:
    Art Blakey
    Max Roach
    Philly Jo Jones
  3. lambchop

    lambchop Active Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    New Jersey (right outside the Big Apple!)
    Home Page:
    Rimshot mentioned Al Miller. Wow! I didn't think anyone else knew about him. I used to go with my drummer to his lessons with Al back in the late 60's. My brother also started to take lessons from him. Great big band drummer! Is he still alive?
  4. JeffWebb

    JeffWebb Guest

    Yeah he was a GREAT big band drummer. I studied with him from 1962-1970. Unfortunately Al passed away a couple of years ago. His son: Matt has been doing well and was the touring drummer for Blood, Sweat and Tears as well as an active studio drummer.

    BTW on the first page in my post, I mentioned both Art Blakey and Philly Jo Jones (although I forgot to mention Max Roach, Tony Williams and Elvin Jones, all great influences.) Another drummer that I listen to a lot is Jack de Johnette (who seems very appropriate to mention now, especially for this forum. He is an awesome drummer and a classically trained fine keyboard player too.)
  5. Rader Ranch

    Rader Ranch Active Member

    Feb 14, 2001
    well fuckin' A....so i'm not the only one who feels this way! sure hope since Tim 'Herb' re-joined that they get a little interesting again...
  6. I'm hoping for mad-assed live off the floor kind of stuff from Primus. David
  7. Consul

    Consul Guest

    It took me a while, but I recently started listening in depth to The Who, and I can understand why Keith Moon was so revered as a drummer. The boy really was quite good. :tu:
  8. I saw 2 shows on that tour. Omar was just amazing. Sitting up there, straight backed upright posture, smiling away like he was relaxing on the beach, and the grooves and sound and power coming out of his kit were like a locomotive.
    Other than that you all have pretty much nailed all of my influences, at least the well known ones,
  9. Paul,
    Two shows on the tour? Sounds like Lady Luck gave you a big, fat kiss. I only have had the opportunity to see the film, which of course kicks serious tuchus. Happy Hols, David
  10. Well, coming from a bassist, here are a few that I did not see:

    Ray Cooper - could do more with a tambourine than some drummers do with an entire kit. I saw him with Elton John in the late '70s, just EJ with acoustic and electic piano, and Ray with a stage full of percussion

    Max Weinberg - kind of a Charlie Watts with a little more balls

    Dave Garibaldi

    Ringo Starr - yeah I know he wasn't fancy, but I don't know of a rock drummer who played songs rather than just beats better than him - think of the pickup to Day Tripper as an example.

    My 2 cents for what it's worth (yeah, I know - $.02)
  11. Rod Gervais

    Rod Gervais Active Member

    Jun 8, 2003
    Central Village, CT
    Home Page:
    Guess ya gotta read the 1st page too..... :D :D

    Garibaldi always makes my list......... :c:

  12. I felt pretty lucky. They played twice in Chicago on thet tour, on the outgoing leg & the homebound leg, so I saw them 2 times several months apart. Both just awesome shows, those guys were on fire.

    BTW, what is this film to which you refer? I gotta get me a copy.
  13. Paul,
    I refer to the film "Bring On the Night". Good to see you here. David
  14. dudge

    dudge Active Member

    Jan 28, 2004
    I like all that have been mentioned.
    Some more of my favorites are
    Fred Below- check many blues records
    Kenny Aronoff- killer snare
    Peter Erskine
  15. bhuvan

    bhuvan Active Member

    Jan 31, 2004
    Home Page:
    well here's my list of the guys who got me banging and drooling!

    trilok gurtu :tu:
    john bonham :tu:
    mitch mitchell
    dave weckl
    steve gadd :tu:
    neil peart
    John Fishman
    billy cobham

    no one heard trilok gurtu??! i think he's the one guy who can blow my mind any given day or time. miles davis asked him to come and play with him but died before that could happen. he's played with don cherry and joe zawinul. you really have to check him out. :p:

    speak of bill bruford's dynamics, i really like the way Fishman uses that around his kit along the jams with Phish.
  16. NolanVenhola

    NolanVenhola Guest

    Danny Carey.

    all I have to say.
  17. EroticPoetry

    EroticPoetry Guest

    In no order:

    John Bonham
    Michael Shrieve
    Jimmy Chamberlin
    Keith Moon
    Joe Morello
    Whoever R.A.T.M.'s drummer is
    John Densmore
    Chad Smith
    Brian Bennet(Excellent Soloist)
    Tony Williams
    Mitch Mitchell did some pretty impressive songs("Fire")

    There's tons of drummers whom I don't know the names of that are also amazing
  18. golli

    golli Active Member

    Apr 17, 2003
    Bring on the night is a Sting Movie/documentary, about the tour behind Dream of The Blue Turtle record. But Mr. Hakim is the drummer there. Sting managed to get together some serious jass/fusion musicians, way above his league 8).

    Uppdate and addition to my list:

    Gulli Briem (he's Icelandic :lol: )
  19. marsvolta

    marsvolta Guest


    I'm a splendid drummer, howcome don't I, in comparison to you guys, know a single legendary/Classic drummer?

    It's kinda wierd...
    Also I don't know all the technical conceptions which are used in world of drumming,... But I could with guarantee take the most of you guys down...

    Why am I not interested in knowing all of this... ?
    Where do you get your information from ?
  20. anonymous

    anonymous Guests

    Feb 10, 2001
    Me Too! And that's exactly what I was thinking jlee462 (Forty Six and Two, just ahead of me)
    How about Dave Lombardo guys! IMO that dude was the best until Daney Carrey. Well atleast the fastest. His fills were sick.
    Buddy Rich was NOT from this planet, so he doesn't count :lol: (fu*kin wild man!)
    And what about Vinnie Paul? I love him! IMO one of the few drummers that plays with harmonies.
    I saw Dave Grohl's name on here too (page 1 I think?). He also plays with harmonies (and not so much just beats and measures)and I love the loooong snare rolls he is famous for.
    Igor Cavalera was good as well.
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