input on my first proper mix??

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by darryl-marlin, Mar 9, 2005.

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  1. hi peeps...

    have just recieved the wav's from my bands last recording session and although we have a working demo cd it just sounds a little flat and souless... so having rebuilt my pc with dual hd's and investing in sonar 2 (from music creator) am going to try a mix... i've done some simple stuff (git and vox, maybe a harp!) but this is 18 tracks!! i've trawled the forum and picked up loads (thank you) but am still a little daunted... where to start mixing a whole band... etc etc...

    any advise would be great or maybe just your golden rules!! also anybody who wanted the wav's to mix it themselves would be welcome... part of the reason i am learning is to keep costs down!!

    many thanks.... darryl of the marlins.

    ps... its raw indie rock n roll....
  2. onemore

    onemore Guest

    you could post a premix... maybe I could be of some help :D

  3. that would be cool... thanks... having read more on the forum last night i am still coming to the conclusion that its what sounds good to me, although i would still like to hear people golden rules or the way they start their mixes... drums first or what??
    many thanks darryl.
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