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  1. I was woundering if you guys had any tips on insolating a room? It would be in a home for vocal's and electric guitar. Again, it's in my home so it's not really made for recording.
    What is the size of room that's tot small or too big?

    I would be using a Nuemann U57, and it would be pop rock kind of sound.

    Thank you very much.
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    Hi how are you? Good?
    Now, firstly, never mind tot small or too big.
    How big is your space?
    How big is your budget?
    How big is the guitar amp you want to put in the room?
    How much sound can leak out? (How close are you neighbors? Both physically and socially).
    Do you want more than isolation? Some treatment for acoustic goodness maybe?

    Without knowing this all I can say I put yourself in an airtight room with really heavy walls. You will be isolated. And you may suffocate, so be careful.
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    Do you mean you'll be using a Neumann UM57 tube? They didn't make a U57. Are you sure you are not talking about a Shure SM57 since it seems that you are clueless as to what you're using? And it's really hard to record something with just a microphone. Perhaps you might want to try to plug your microphone into something? Neumann's go good with Beringer mixers since they're both German. NOT!

    It's nice to work in real studios that are purpose built with carefully designed and controlled acoustics. If that's not what you're working with, then it really doesn't make a heck of a lot of difference. Stick to close miking & living rooms, dens, basements. Reserve bedrooms for doing lewd things to your guitar. Don't think you'll be using any ambient drum miking?? But if you do, compress the crap out of the overheads no matter how bad your acoustics are.

    The only real isolated room is a box mounted within a box that is completely suspended and shock mounted. Think NBC studio 8H, NYC. Otherwise, a bunch of stupid foam ain't going to do it.

    Try an amphitheater?
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    The whole BOOTH is mounted? Yeesh.
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    Not to be anal, but;

    Obviously, you mean Insulate...

    First, understand that there are two principles to deal with... sound attenuation (or sound proofing) and sound shaping (acoustical treatment).

    Sound attenuation is primarily achieved by having high mass barriers through which sound energy is reflected or absorbed to reduce the transmission from one space to the next.

    Sound shaping is pretty much when you change the reflectivity or absorbtion of a given surface within an enclosure to achieve a desired sonic quality.

    The quicker that you can get that concept committed to your understanding, the better.

    After that, I would encourage you to visit the acoustics forum a couple of flights down.
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    He just needs a little more sun. Maybe he meant photosynthesis? Isn't heavy compression the blame for lisping and distorted words?
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    hey glide,

    That floor is awesome, is that acid staining?
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    Thanks - Yes, acid staining and etched, and I cannot recommend it enough. The most worry-free floor and less money than the alternatives, and it keeps everything lively. It could seriously use a mop right now though - :D
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    How much does that cost? (sq/ft) Did you do it yourself? I stayed in a lodge in the rockies in alberta, and they had the kitchen counter stained.
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    Price varies on how much you do and how detailed you get with it. I had a pro do it. Just google concrete acid staining in your area and I am sure you have some contractors.
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    Tact: a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense.

    It takes two parties to work. Maybe a better word would be "thread hijacking"
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    AGH who quoted the post with all the pics in it?
    I'm not helping matters here, but that is not smart.
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    There are at least three steps:

    1) ISOLATE the room from outside noise and viceversa (sound blocking)

    2) make the interior walls sound reasonably uniform (flat) by using ABSORBING material as and where appropriate.

    3) Create the required diffusion/reflections by using appropriate DIFFUSERS.

    It all depends on your BUDGET...with enough money you can turn your entire home in a suitable recording and living space :)
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    Hell, it should be easy enough for any yahoo to do, when you put it like that ;)

    Which is at best incomplete and at worse, wrong.
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    Ah, nice to see one of our newer trolls is back.

    Jordan, good to see ya.

    It's been a while...

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