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    Hope I am in the right forum. I just purchased an Inspire GT and tried to install the driver on my Toshiba Laptop Satallite A100/A150 computer.

    I needed to purchase an IEEE 1394 Firewire card which I did. The driver installed; however, I am not getting a blue sync light. The second problem I encountered is when I go into the device screen to set up, my computer freezes.

    I should have enough Ram for the device, 1.6 ghz. Any help would be most welcome.

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    Problem 1- you are probably not getting power to the Inspire. Reason is the Inspire can be bus powered from a 6pin firewire port or powered from an external power adaptor in conjunction with a 4pin firewire cable between PC and Inspire. You need to see what the firewire card you bought has. If it is 6pin then you can use either connection. If its 4pin then you have to power the inspire with the power adapter.

    Problem 2- I would suggest removing all firewire card and inspire. Then uninstall both the firewire card drivers and the Inspire drivers and software.

    Go to download this MS patch KB885222
    Install the patch.

    Then without plugging in the firewire card install the drivers for the Firewire card first. Then power down and install firewire card and reboot. Verify in device manager that the driver installed properly and the card is recognized.

    Now with the inspire not installed load the Inspire drivers and software. Connect the CORRECT firewire cable and/or power adapter to the Inspire. Power down the laptop and connect the firewire cable to the laptop firewire port. Power on laptop and verify the Inspire blue light is on and the Inspire shows up in device manager. At this point your hardware install should be complete. You will probably have to adjust your buffers using the Inspire software to eliminate drop outs and reduce latency. If there is still aproblem verify that you have the newest drivers. If not I would reinstall the new drivers. There has also been talk that the Firewirecards with the TI chipset have less compatibility issues. You can check in device manager for the firewire card, it states it in the driver Tab.

    Just do the install in steps and you should be OK. Usually stuff goes Wako when you try to install everything all at once.

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