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  1. bendswede

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    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I just set up a home studio and I have a few "last items" that I need help with before I'm "happy enough"...

    I have a Boss BR-1200 as the main recording device (which I really like). I also have a DAW (Adobe Audition) on my PC (running Vista, with plenty of power) which I'd like to use as my main editing tool.

    My main issue is how to best integrate my BR-1200 with Audition. Also, I have had problems getting my keyboard (a Yamaha YPG-625) to work well with either the BR-1200 or Audition (there's no MIDI on the YPG-625.

    I'm thinking that the "solution" is to get some kind of interface between all my gear (I also have a Digitech RPX-400), most likely USB since my PC does not have Firewire.

    All comments/experiences are appreciated!

  2. Kapt.Krunch

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    Nov 21, 2005
    A quick look at the features should give you the easiest, most cost-effective method. It's in the manuals, and it involves obtaining two USB cables, and you should be good. (The Yamaha DOES have MIDI, it just doesn't have MIDI connectors).

  3. bendswede

    bendswede Guest

    Well, I have USB cables and have looked at the manuals. The problem appears to be drivers (which I know are an issue in Vista). Are you aware of an "interface/controller" which fairly easily allows you to hook up/integrate devices such as PC/DAW with the BR1200, etc?

    In addition, I have a USB/MIDI converter for the Yamaha but my main beef is that it becomes tricky to hook it up directly for live sound other than through the phones jack (with signal degradation).

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