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    Im currently using the Audiophile 2496 by M-Audio........I read up on some other cards like the E-MU 1820m the 1010 by m-audio the MBOX and others.....My question is what is up with this 192khz compared to the 96khz on the lower class interfaces. My audiophile runs 24/96khz the higher end 1820m by Emu runs 24/192khz But then also on the higher end the 1010 by audiophile also runs 24/ can some explain, other than the amounts of I/O's what is the determining factor in a good interface?

    Help need ......Thanx
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    All it comes down to the quality of the product, sound, amount and type of I/O, flexability, features and price.

    Keep in mind that you get less I/O, eat more processing resources and disk space using 192K. Very few people really benifit from it.

    Out of all the choices I researched, I went with the E-MU EmulatorX Studio (1820M). I don't trust and believe firewire or USB stuff is as reliable or stable as a PCI at this time. Like any and all of the computer audio interfaces, the E-MU is not perfect, has a few quirks but suits my needs and has the best overall value for the money of any current product offering.
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    A real bit part of you I/O is your preamps. Those are going to have a giant impact on sonic quality.
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    as far as shopping for an interface....

    look at the in/out config, the quality of the conversion, the aability to expand and add more ins or use an external word clock.....

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