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    Hi guys!
    Just a quick one.
    I want to record drums on Pro Tools on my laptop, but i need a mixer/interface that has 10 inputs (i have a large kit). I've been looking at a mackie onyx 1620i which seems to suit what i need but i didn't want to spend that much.
    any ideas for alternatives??

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    That's not that much. And since you specifically said Protools then you are limited to Protools authorized hardware and the Mackie iOnyx series. Personally, in my opinion the Mackie Onyx kicks the crap out of the M-Audio gear which would be your other "Protools Light" option. I steer you toward the 1640i as more versatile even.
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    Have you already got Pro Tools? Whats your budget?
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    If you really have Digidesign's ProTools LE already on your laptop, you are completely restricted to using one of Digidesign's entry-level interfaces. The only one that would be of any use for what you are wanting is from the 00x range, of which the 003 is the latest incarnation. These have 4 mic pre-amps, 4 line inputs, an ADAT input (8 channels) and an S/PDIF input. The Mackie Onyx 1620i will work only with M-Powered PT and not with PTLE.

    With an 003, you can perm your input options from:
    (1) The 4 mic inputs (mediocre quality)
    (2) The 4 line inputs (medium quality) using external analog-output pre-amps
    (3) Two channels via the S/PDIF input using external S/PDIF-output pre-amps
    (4) Eight channels via the ADAT input using external ADAT-output pre-amps

    The quality of the last two is dependent on the quality of the external pre-amps.

    Your lowest-cost (but lowest-quality) route to at least 10 mic inputs is to add an ADA8000 8-channel ADAT pre-amp to give a total of 12 mic inputs. This route is not recommended for drums, where high headroom is particularly important. The 003 mic pre-amps are also lacking in this respect. A step up would be a MOTU 828mkII 8-channel interface that can be configured for ADAT output of its mic pre-amplifiers, but there are better than that if you have a larger budget.

    Your mention of the Mackie might indicate that you have M-Powered and not PTLE, in which case, there are more opportunities via the M-Audio range of interfaces.

    Clarify exactly what you have, and we can help you further. If you do not yet have ProTools, consider very seriously using different DAW software and an interface that will do justice to your drum tracks. You can always mix in PT after recording with other software.

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