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    Ok. here we go again..

    I have heard that you can "customize" your mixer in R.ed.. How much can you customize it??

    I suppose that you can have dynamic FX's on the mixer. can you have your plug's pre compressor?? or pre compressor post EQ?? how about: Plug>Comp>Plug>gate>Eq ??

    In other words.. what can you do when talking signal flow??

    O yeah a forgot... how about Side chain?? or gate triggering??

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    Hi Caiv,
    with your mixer on an ss mixer you can do what ever rooting you desiere.It is as easy as it gets by creating elements,placing them were you want and moving them around.
    Side chain is not available using the mixers comressor but it is avelable using the timeworks compressor-X.No gate trigger for now.

  3. Soundscape

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    As posted prior, the mixer is entirely user definable.
    The "signal path goes from top to bottom, you decide what it is in, that signal chain (I.E. EQ,Dynamics, Sends ect..) And you decide where in the signal chain it is, simply by placement. For example if I where to go with a EQ at the top and directly below it would be my Dynamics this would make my dynamics post EQ, if I where to use the "Move Tool" and moved my dynamics above the EQ my Dynamics are now Pre-EQ in the Signal chain.

    Hope that gives you a better idea, of how the mixer works.

    Best Regards

    Joel Gette
    Soundscape Digital

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