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    Now then, bit of info on the up and coming IMS...

    Back for the third time, the International Music Summit returns to Ibiza in 2010 bigger than ever. The event, bringing together leading executives and artists in the electronic music industry, has firmly established itself as an essential event in the calendar. As Juan Vandervoort from !K7 Records, Germany put it last year, "An industry known for producing innovative music finally has an innovative conference."

    “The first International Music Seminar was a revelation; a very rewarding and illuminating time, met a lot of old friends and picked up some valuable new contacts (and work!) along the way. Having participated in the New Music Seminar, In The City, WMC, London Calling, Great Escape etc, I can vouch that the seminar brings together the best of these events, and more."

    Richard Norris, Producer, Beyond The Wizard Sleeve (with Erol Alkan) and The Grid

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