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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Nite, Sep 29, 2005.

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    hey whats up everyone!
    great forum by the way! ok heres the deal I am a mobile DJ by trade. I special guest DJ in a couple of "caberet" clubs once in a while too. I have recently started doin a internet radio show broadcasting from my house. I am using my rig which is a rack (6 channel mixer & dual cd players etc) it is all hooked into my computer. On the computer I have a program called Atomix Virtual DJ it plays MP3's and has some cool effects. I have always used SM58S mics & PG48's for the karaoke singers. I am looking for a boom swing arm style mic like you would see on Howard Stern. when I talk to people everyone knows what I am asking about but cannot suggest where to look or even the proper name for it. I know it has springs and mounts to something solid rather than a stand. I do alot of interviews for local artists with the occasional acoustic performance. If any of you cats can help me that would be a big help. Also I saw on another thread about the MXL990. Has anyone used one and can say if they think a Shure SM58S is better or the MXL? I know when you are dealing with live sound the 58 really stands out but for the home thing here I thought the MXL would work on the swing stand. any advice guys?
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    Feb 23, 2005
    The swing boom you are referring to is a Luxo, and you get them from BSW (Broadcast Supply World). They offer 2 models-1 for heavy mics, 1 for lighter ones. They also offer a variety of mounting options.
    As far as the mic itself is concerned, the VO standard is an EV RE-20. They are natural, Tight pattern so the crappy room you might be in doesn't get picked up. And very durable....a real gem for what you are doing. Also from BSW. Skip the MXL...mediocre and flimsy. The 58 is better than that.
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    thanks! im checkin it all out right now

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