Internship/introductory gig south of Boston

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by anonymous, Nov 15, 2004.

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Every now and again we take someone into our shop and train them. Our current guy is leaving at the end of this week for a rather nice paying gig... we wish him well, and now it's time for some fresh meat... this is the first time we've mentioned it on "Recording.Org" so we'll see how it goes.

    If you're unfamiliar with our business, we are gear dealers who deal mostly with small, boutique manufacturers. We also have a studio which doubles as our "Methods and Applications Laboratory". We write application notes and use the equipment we pimp in a variety of interesting ways. We do the occassional "real" recording project and play around in the room a couple of days a week.

    While "The Meth Lab" lacks some amenities, in many ways it resembles a home studio [with gear from hell and a staff that can only be rivaled by a couple of big city studios]. So, if you think that this might be a cool opportunity for you... read on. If you think we're full of $*^t for thinking any gear dealership could be a cool place to learn engineering... hit the back button and move on with your day.

    The Intern Gig

    Job requirements:

    Positive “can do” attitude
    The ability to keep your mouth shut and eyes open.
    The ability to know when to ask a question and when to hold it
    The applicant must be 21 and have their own car.
    You should live within like a half hour of Foxboro, MA but if a longer commute is cool with you it’s cool with us if you’re the right person for the gig.

    What you get out of it?

    Some knowledge and experience of tools and techniques relevant to recording
    An eye and ear for detail
    A firm understanding of signal flow and gain staging
    The rudiments of microphone selection and placement
    An opportunity to work in a professional environment among professionals
    A working knowledge of RADAR and Nuendo

    What’s the gig?

    You will be expected to learn proper testing procedure for a variety of equipment… then test it in and out of the building.
    You will be expected to fetch lunch [and pretty much everything else]
    You will be the cleaning lady, the airport shuttle and the assistant for our studio.

    What’s it pay?

    $6.75/hr. [the least the law allows] for the first 40 hours, time and a half after 40. While there will be some studio work that will fall under the category of “Mercenary Audio” work, the real interesting sessions will happen after hours and on weekends… you’re on a volunteer basis for those [but it’s why you really took the gig in the first place so it’s not that big a drag]… and chances are pretty good that no one else on the gig is going to be getting paid either. Some gigs may be “paid gigs”, most will be volunteer events.

    What do you need to do?

    Email a list of qualifications to along with “why you think you’ll be great at this” in 100 words or fewer.
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