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    Do any pro or semi-pro recording or mastering studios do summer internships for college kids?

    I'll be nineteen this summer, and I've always wanted to get a taste of how the real guys do things.

    I'm also an electrial engineering major looking to design audio equipment in the future, so it'd be nice to get experience on how all the outboard racks work.
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    Today many recording and mastering studios are small operations with very few employees and may not have the resources to hire a paid intern. Some of the bigger studios may have more paid internships available. I would write to the studios where you plan to spend your summer and ask if they have internships available. You could also write to places that design and manufacture electronics for the recording industry to see if they hire interns for the summer since that is the field you want to go into.

    Best of Luck!
  3. korgsp200

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    Thats so nice of you Mr Tom..

    Glad to hear that there are people like you really concerned about freshers..!!

    All the best..

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    Hey, I was in the same position you are in ( I'm now a college freshman). For school I had to find an internship by junior year. Lucky me I stumbled across an internship in Long Island at a recording studio not to long ago. The studio has done many big names but still keeps a very close personal feel to it. I'm having a great time and all the engineers take some time when they aren't in sessions to help me out (plus I get to play with an SSL!) I don't think it is as hard as they say to find an internship (a payed internship yes, that would be hard to find) these days. I do recommend finding a studio that you feel you can learn something from. At my internship everyone there is helpful and kind and no one expects you to know everything and they are willing to teach me. just be sure you find a place that you like and can learn from. :D
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    thanks for the tips. i'll definately start doing some research.

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