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Discussion in 'Recording' started by JesseMcKamey, Mar 7, 2008.

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    I just wanted to introduce myself.
    I just came across this forum and it seems to have a lot of valuable information. My Name is Jesse McKamey and I have been working/running the duplication department at a professional studio for about 9 years now. I love to do my own recordings (at home and sometimes at work if I can book a studio out of the production cycle) and I want to produce music for film and TV. Right now I have been working on my singing voice for my own project in which I play all the instruments and record. I will have many questions to post here and I just wanted to start by telling some of my interest in this post. I am not a professional recording engineer, but I want to learn as much as I can. And though there are many great engineers at work, I find it helps to get information from other folks in the industry also. So I approach you all with humility and humbleness in hopes of improving my abilities and to finally enter the TV and music for film market.
    Thank You,
    Jesse McKamey 8)
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    Welcome to RO!

    What an antithesis to joshuarecordingstudio's first post, for anyone who was watching that thread... lol.

    Half of the people here aren't professionals either, we're all out to learn and help each other, so you'll fit right in.

    (The other half are the seriously knowledgeable folk, most of whom hang out in the acoustics/mastering forums)
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    Yes, welcome.

    (We don't always bark right out of the gate!)
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    Thanks for the welcome.

  5. JesseMcKamey

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    Just checked it out

    I just checked out that thread and I have to say that is some funny stuff.
    This Joshua Studio cat must really have some big brass ones or maybe he just doesn't have any people skills?
    Anyway, I appreciate this forum, most of the others I have tried are full of mostly un-useful information and I noticed on here that some of the threads are ideas and or approches i would love to try. Also many of the other forums are more to adverstise something else rather than real people.
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    Welcome Jesse. You found a source of good advice, for the most part.

    You'll stumble on to all kinds of characters in here, and will soon know who to take seriously, which is most of them...(or HOW to take some of one lovable, but sometimes slightly politically incorrect member comes to mind :lol: )

    Me? I know enough to know what I don't know...and sometimes I'm not sure of even that :shock: . I'm more the kind of guy that tries to gently nudge someone into actually learning the answer, than spouting from on high that "THIS is how IT IS!...and you're an idiot for asking that!", like in a lot of other forums. Many of my responses are questions to their questions, or something along the lines of "It MAY be....", "you may TRY...", etc. You'll rarely see a set-in-stone answer in one of my posts. Part of that is I think it makes me seem more friendly, but basically, I think it gives me room to cover my butt in case I'm wrong!

    I've learned a lot here just by reading stuff that I don't even have a particular interest in yet, but you never know. These folks know there are people of every skill level that mosey in here, and they usually do their best to provide useful info in a civil manner.

    These folks are extremely generous with their knowledge, ("thanks" to you all), and those few who dare to continually challenge the general consensus are probably doomed to fail.

    So, have fun, and don't be afraid to stir the pot a BIT now and then...y'know...just to keep things interesting.

    Kapt.Krunch :cool:
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  8. Space

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    Damn glad to meet ya Jesse. I just want to let ya know that I sweep up a little and put away the tables and chairs when need be, so don't be eyeballing my gig :)

    I know a little bit about everything which amounts to a whole lot of nothin'. So if you find that you have need of this type of information, I'm the guy.

    Mostly I'm old and tired but I do enjoy a good troll alert or the occasional advertising ass whoppins' that come around on an irregular basis.

    Anywho, keep your head up and your chin high, mostly these guys and dolls will take ya where your wanting to long as you have a general idea about where that is!
  9. Cucco

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    Welcome to RO dude! Hang out and have some fun!
  10. Jbrax

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    Riiiigghhhtttt :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. bent

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    I said bark, not bite!
  12. Jbrax

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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    WOOF.... (heheheh)

    James... just saw your post about the mics...

    Damn man, that sucks having your cymbals stolen.

    I'd love to help you out, so lemme see what I can do... wish I could promise something, but I hate to promise and not deliver.

    One thing is would suggest you do (and any US based muso, engineer, tec.) is look into what is called an "Inland Marine Insurance Policy"

    It's a VERY inexpensive insurance policy that you can get to cover your gear.

    I have one on my mobile rig and will be adding a lot of the studio gear to it.

    The policy covers any personal property you take out of your home... camera's, instruments, audio gear, etc. It generally covers it under "all peril" clauses... damage, theft, etc.

    Welcome to RO and I'll work on something for ya as best I can.
  14. Space

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    I think somebody needs to wake Max up :0
  15. Cucco

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    Inland Marines (or Floaters) aren't that expensive. I have a $50K Inland Marine (which, BTW, by definition is a $0 deductible) added to my $100K policy with $1M liability and I pay less than $100 a month. It's VERY well worth it!

    Be careful though -
    1 - a claim is a claim. Too many and you'll find yourself with MUCH higher rates and/or no one willing to underwrite your policy.

    2 - Don't attach it to your homeowner's policy (see reason 1). Many insurance companies and many states will not allow this amount or type of business coverage on a homeowner's policy.

  16. Space

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    Who the heck is James and where does it say his cymbals were stolen?
  17. MadMax

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