Is it a big difference???


I know you use the Tascam 428. I installed the new drivers and the latency went from 14 to 22ms...What was it like with a win 2k machine. In computer terms, is the 8 extram ms that much difference?


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Apr 7, 2001
well..I dont use the direct monitoring feature of the 428 or Nuendo...I listen to my output of the Mackie mixer in time with what is allready recorded so I couldnt tell you exactly if the latency is different on Win2k vs Win9x or me latency is with MIDI that really counts..the time it takes from when you press the key to the time you hear it...I havent tested it yet on the 428 but I'll try it tonight(if I'm capable that and my roomie are getting into serious trouble tonight...It's awfully frightful outside!!!) I'll let you know if I do try it tho..
I guess latnecy really is a noticeable when doing vocals..that's really the main reason I listen to the mackie vs the direct output..


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Oct 7, 2001
It seems to me that I saw a post that Daniel made on the Tascam BBS that the latency doubling was an artifact and not real. The true latency is still that same with the 3.05 drivers as it was with previous versions. Check out the thread on the Tascam forum.