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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by CrazyMobster, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. CrazyMobster

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    Hey im new and me and my band just got together and we are looking for a good way to record a little song. Is it possible to get a good result with something like Adobe Audition 1.5? Thanks
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    Possible? Maybe. That's kind've like asking which brand of tire to put on your car for a 1000 mile road trip. There are so many other variables involved, that the tires, ( doesn't play all THAT big a part in the grand scheme of things. It's important, sure but youv'e got a lot of other variable to deal with before that.

    Your choice of mics, preamps, mixer, A/D interface and overall talent will make the biggest impact on your sound. (Why not find someone in your area what's into this stuff as well, and get into it with them to help you out?)
  3. roguescout

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    Adobe AUdition is a great program. Especially if you use other Adobe products and are used to their GUI's.

    You can register with Adobe and download a free demo of it on their site.

    If you have never used digital tracking software, I recommend downloading Audacity for free at and get a feel for these types of programs.

    And don't try recording into a regular soundcard with studio gear.
  4. CrazyMobster

    CrazyMobster Guest

    OK thankz

    ya thanks for the tips and ya it was a very general question. And does anyone know if Adobe Audition 1.5 can like play a normal song and isolate the music only so the words that are sung arent heard? Im not sure where to ask this thankyou
  5. Bridge

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    Re: OK thankz

    Only if you have recorded the individual parts yourself. One track for each instrument.

    Obviously you can't de-construct a commerical song, but i'm sure you didn't mean that.. did you ?
  6. roguescout

    roguescout Guest

    You can try the Analog X vocal remover at his site.

    The wave editor that comes with Nero supposedly does vocal extraction.

    And this was from the Adobe Audition review at KVR:

    "Vocal/instrumental extraction - Reduce the vocal or instrumental portions of a track and create a cappella and karaoke-ready tracks while preserving the stereo image with the new Center Channel Extractor tool."

    But honestly, none of these really work well. Depending on how the song was mixed creates inconsistent results.

    Ripping the center out of a track leaves a big hole in it and it sounds like crap IMO.

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