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Discussion in 'Computing' started by robchittum, Feb 20, 2002.

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    Hey guys,
    I have pondered Nuendo vs. AW4416 for a long time and think I am ready to make a decision to go with Nuendo. But before I make the investment, I really want to get some opinions about my computer and hardware plan to see if there are any compatibilty problems or other thoughts from you Nuendudes out there. Here is what I have planned.

    I recently bought a Compaq Notebook 705US which has a 1 GHz AMD processor, 20 GB hard drive, 256 MB 133 MHz SyncDRAM, upgradeable to 512MB), Two (2) USB connectors, a DVD/CDRW combo drive, and
    One (1) Type I/II/III PC Card slot with support for 32-bit CardBus. Now I plan to use the PCMCIA slot to expand with a 2 firewire card (Western Digital makes this card). My firewire interface would be the Motu 828, and the second firewire port would be used to support the fastest external hard drive I can find. Of course the software that I want to use is Nuendo. I plan on getting rid of the XP software the computer came with and loading Windows 98 (which I have heard is most stable for this application) Also, I will load the minimal number of programs on the computer (Word, Excel, and web browsing software) to avoid software conflicts. What do you think?Will this work? Is this proposed set-up powerful enough to not have tons of latency problems as I have seen discussed on this site, and will it be enough without having a second processor? Any compatibility problems with this combination that you are aware of? Anyway, thanks in advance for any comments that you have for me.

    Rob Chittum
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Ouch...ok, First, I can tell you this right now..get rid of the Compaq. I'm not joking in the least bit. I wouldnt do that to my worst enemy!(well, ok, maybe I would!!)
    Compaq's are notorious for shitty mainboards and drivers for them. If you redo the system hope you can get the drivers for them.
    Next...who told you 98 was better? That's not enitrely true...Win2k is far stable than 98. In fact better USB support and other legacy devices. Plus better firewire support too.
    I personally dont see a Compaq helping out with the PCMCIA slot for expansion chasis. More trouble to be had there.
    I dont want to sound like I'm totally bashing your setup, just trying to save you some serious headaches in the long run.
    Why are you choosing to go with a laptop system? You can get any faster than a 5400rpm drive for the main drive. Heat constraints, running off of the charger can cause noise in your audio eqipment and may cause stuttering audio playback.
    If you want a lappie then get a Dell or actually look into Asus lappies..
    But you may want to look int a Sony actually...Vaio's kick ass!!
    Well, thats my comments...a whole $.02 worth!
  3. LittleJames

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    Nov 9, 2001
    Hey Rob I just sent you an e-mail, and I must agree with Opus on Compaq. They really are pretty flakey. I just purchased a new Dell Inspirion 8100 today and I'm pretty jazzed about it. I know it can't compete with my desktop system but for a small poratable system it should kick ass with an RME Hamerfall multiface.

    I was pretty tame in my e-mail but I suggest going with a RME product over MOTU any day those guys at RME really test their products with different hardware and the converters on RME products really blow MOTU's away.

    You really picked a great software to use, Nuendo really kicks some major ass. Buy a bare bones desktop and a notebook and your in business my friend.

    By the way what are you going to be doing with this setup? Live recordings, jotting down ideas, or serious multitrack recording?

    Good and keep us posted ;)

    P.S. win2k is a must right now.

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