Is reformat in my immediate future

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    Salutations and greetings!!

    who can remind me what It/was that I must've forgot'n with my problem being that I am unable to get my (HP)"System Recovery" cd-rom to boot after I set the bios so as to "boot cd" by checking boot sequence settings and drives enablement, I can hardly imagine I forgot waht I'd done a million times, Perhaps I accidently changed some bios "preferences" I am stumped on this- almost as if "painted into a corner"

    No restrictions on comments, all thoughts welcome ?

    I think thats it, then I did f-10

    HpPavilion 1.99mhz

    Tascam US224


    Bios=Phoenix v4

    What am I leevin out...........Uh.....

    I need to use my HP's "System Recovery"-7disk-CDset HP sent me after I asked..which I thinkis a reformat... But my issue is the fact that a thing I have done in the past many times, I am now unable to re duplicate. Whoa whoa whoa izz mee!

    If somebody recunizzes this "bogglett"I am trying to "undo",I 'd surely appreciate your thoughts on the subjct..

    What 've I done? Is there some way I can boot to a floppy "boot" disk- then/go, then to cd-boot?(HPdisk#1)

    Or, what cotten-pickin,dad-blamed,dad-burned$@^&* thing did I forget in that bios,? (maybe?)

    What might I do to get this "CD-1" to boot?

    thanks, danke!

    PC-"PS" ( )...

    Uh.... Oh yeah!.. I meant to also add.. Since my symptoms are: the making of crashes upon enabling more than one of my music applications (AbletonLive,...GarritanPersonal Orchestra..

    .Cubasis vst4,.....Plogue(being tested, or would be),

    My major, Overall issue is whether I should reformat, or look into another solution, (iza Just about tapped out..)


    And looking over this post I am adding the key factor:

    I ask for opinions as to my reformat/alternative, as of this moment in time, I can only operate one at a time of my key music apps, which, I need running simultaneously, in real time are suppose to run together, and since this won't
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    If you can get your dos prompt, try typing (this would be the drive letter for your CD-rom) "drive letter:\ i386\winnt.exe". This would be the only way to reload XP because it can't be loaded in dos mode.
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    my cd-rom is known as "I" , and I get you about entering that..I am about to starta new thread since I now have added info thks

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