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    I've been working on this acoustic track, and to my ears it sounds ok, but not great. I might be asking for to much from myself, or I may just be crap, but can someone give me their opinion on how it sounds and was they think is missing?
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    Overall, I think it sounds great. It's got some kind of Paul Simon vibe going on with the vocal? (I mean that as a compliment, of course.)

    I'm listening on a small pair of Altec Lansing eye-pod speakers with my laptop; I'm not at my studio rig, but here's what i'm hearing.... I really like the sound of the guitar, it's nicely played and recorded. Sounds like a very good instrument - I'd be curious to know what you used.

    It might be my speakers, but there seems to be a tiny bit of conflict with some of the lower midrange of the vocal and the guitar during some of the parts; perhaps that can be fixed with a little EQ? (The first time he sings: "I don't mind/spendin time like this.....Think a long reality kiss...", for example.) Once in while, on my little speakers at least, the vocal seems to bloom or pop out just a bit...perhaps you can tame it with a little bit of limiting? What I like about it though is that I DONT hear any DSP on the vocal, although I'm sure you must have used something to keep the overall dynamic range in check so well. It's really smooth, going from close up and intimate to some of the louder/shouted parts.

    Maybe one thing to try would be simply lower the vocal overall just a couple of db, or reduce the low end (around 150-200?) just a tad - but not enough to diminish the full-body sound of the vocal.

    Otherwise, there's not much I would do to it from hearing it just now. You seem to have taken a classic "Folkie" approach to the mix, and I like that a lot. (Just a hint of room sound/reverb on the vocal & guit, instead of burying it with effects, etc.)

    Great job, really.

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