is the c1 project studio mic real good how bout the tub

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by seti, Mar 10, 2002.

  1. seti

    seti Guest

  2. magnastd

    magnastd Guest

    Dear Seti

    We have tried all three of them ( C1, C3, and T3)
    comparing them to our Neumanns, AKGs, Milabs and the like. From the very first moment the T3 was a keeper!


    George Pentzikis
  3. George,
    I've heard that before about the T3. What models of Neumann did you compare it to and what were you using them on? Would they be in a class with the Soundelux U99?
    Thank you
  4. seti

    seti Guest

    is the t1 as good as those 2600 Neumanns
  5. magnastd

    magnastd Guest

    Dear Allen, Seti

    The comparison was done between stock 87s, VIP50,M149, and C12VR arranged in a cross pattern (capsules really close), each one through a mixer channel of our console (Trident Vector) directly routed to our Soundscape R.ed DAW via Soundscape's 8 i/o 20bit converters.Levels were carefully matched but I can't remember which one was hotter.All mics were set to cardioid pickup pattern.My assistant spoke into them and after that, he kind of sung freeally? a kinda yolk thing(he'e a swedish guy)!We were very pleased at the results of the T3 and so we decided to keep it. Given it's low price we decided to order a second one-see we don't have any other tube model paired.
    I do not know how the mic compares to U99-I never had the chance to try one but I believe that the T3 has a place in any microphone collection snobbery excluded!!


    George Pentzikis
  6. magnastd

    magnastd Guest

    By the way,

    Does anyone know where can I find a power supply for my C12a AKG ? I think it is called N12a.


    George P
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