IS there a BOOK / WEBSITE covering vintage pro audio gear?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by lek, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. lek

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    Is there a book/website that meticulously covers vintage pro audio equipment (analogous to a history of marshall amplifiers book, or ampwares - the fender amp website - specifications, materials, transformers, etc.) BUT for mic pres, compressors, eq's, consoles, analog tape machines, etc.

    Perhaps even a book/website that covers what equipment certain bands used when recording (maybe even engineers who did it)

    Or do I have to spend countless hours on forums, and usually by luck, hitting upon a thread which has some information, for example, about the difference between old Urei compressors (and sometimes find out later they were not quite right?)

    I'm slowly getting bits and pieces from the forums, but it would be great to have some solid sources to fill in the gaps.

    I want to educate myself on the history of all this, so I can especially understand current products (especially the ones cloning, doing variants, or doing their own design altogether).
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    i luv google

    type vintage audio gear

    this is the 1st hit, and a gooden too

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    Vintage Books Site

    There is one site where you can sometimes find the book you want - and swap for it. This link takes you to their books section, but they do other categories besides books.

    It is kind of like eBay, but you don't have to pay for membership or listing - just a buck if you complete a deal.


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