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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by starvingartist, Jul 22, 2002.

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  1. Whats going on? I know I'm new to the forum and all, but I've been in the game for so long, man, I'm kinda getting fed up with everyone telling me to get a real job. I just want to be heard, you know!!! I'm damn good at the controls, and I write my own stuff (I'm sure most of you guys do to!) Do any of you guys have any tips on getting my stuff heard? I've been passing around my stuff for so many years, I'm fed up man. I just checked out that new program Inside Sessions, I'm sure you guys have heard of it. Its actually pretty informative, I bought the Music Business session, and I got to hear like secrets from Glen Ballad, A & R's, and a bunch of artists that discuss how they got in the business and what it takes to succeed. I thought it was a bunch of BS at first, but I gave it a chance and found it to be very informative. I would most definitely recommend it to any up and coming producer to peep out. Now that I have shared a secret with you guys, what can ya'll tell me about the game?
  2. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Well-Known Member

    Mar 28, 2001
    The game apears to be over IMO. It is a complete, through the looking glass, upsidedown industry to what it was even three years ago. Although the slide started as far back as twenty, and became apparrent when adats and corporate consolidation reared their ugly heads across the last decade.

    There are pockets here and there, but buisness is generally bad. I now lots of great guys, with years of experiance and credits on alot of your favorite records that are having trouble findingb gigs.

    Networking...however you can do key. It's who you know, that gets you the gig. It's what you know that keeps it for you.

    Luck, is the single biggest factor in your career breaking. It's catch22; You HAVE to work on something that becoems a HIT. Barring that, it's tedium in the trenches of an ever shrinking pie.
  3. Guest

    Starvin, I agree with RM but I like to add one other perspective.

    I would encourage you to FIRST define how you measure your success. Are you trying feed your family ? Or are you trying to prove some thing to yourself ? When I was younger I was a lot more interested in proving some thing than being successful. The problem is you only realize after you have become successful. :)

    Personally I consider myself lucky that I can do what I love and I get paid for it. There are millions of people that hate their jobs, hate their bosses and basically think life sucks.

    But more specifically I think we are on the verge of a whole new opportunity for talented engineers and producers. Will it be like it was, of course not, nothing every is, but look at it this way:

    - There are 500+ channels of television
    - There are more independent musicians creating more music than ever before
    - There are a couple of hundred XM satellite channels and more on the way
    - Webcasting with create the need for more independent music than ever before (unless the RIAA kills it)
    -And entertainment is more popular than ever

    In other words there is a need for more content (ie music) than ever before in the history of our industry. Now is there a problem in the traditional business model of the big labels and high dollar studios. Yep, there are some real challenges ahead so if you are expecting to make in going that route its going to be tough.

    I see this as a huge opportunity if you are willing to look at the industry from a broader perspective.

    Starvin, I know I didn't give you a shopping list of how to be successful and the reason is there isn't such as thing. You have to discover your strengths, figure out what you love to do and then find out if there is anyone willing to pay for that ability.

    "What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do."
    Bob Dylan
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    The initial post in this thread has appeared elsewhere in identical format, where it is being regarded as a crude attempt at "spam".

  5. RecorderMan

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    Mar 28, 2001
    hmmm....well it got me .
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