is this list of equipment good?

Discussion in 'Graphic / Parametric EQ (analog)' started by CRSBEATZ36, Apr 6, 2005.


    CRSBEATZ36 Guest

    ey guys im starting over on the whole home studio ting and was wondering if this list of equipment is a good starting point

    (im into hip hop ,im producing bro)!

    *Digidesign Digi 002 (rackmount)
    *PC (Already plenty of speed and memory)just built myself
    *B.L.U.E. Baby bottle mic with shockmount and popper
    *Some kind of acoustical setup by aurlex
    *m-audio studiophile bx8 monitors
    *avid mediadrive rs (firewire) pro tools hard drive
    *and some kind of keyboard (really want the phantom x6)DONT HAVE THE MONEY!
    *Focusrite OctoproLE (baby octopre)

    Maybe you guys could let me know if this sounds good!
    or if it doesnt some suggestions.

    and since i most likely wont get the phantom do you have any sugg.
    for a keyboard about half or less of the price?

  2. andrew269

    andrew269 Guest

    you could check out the alesis qs 6.2 or 8.2 as far as keyboards go. i don't know a whole lot about them but i'm sure they would have plenty of usuable patches. they are about 600 or 1000 dollars depending on which model you want.

    also, for hip hop do you really need 8 pres? you could save that money and buy one high end pre to use for your vocals.

    CRSBEATZ36 Guest

    yeah i could but i think im going pro tools on this

    is that not a good idea?

    or are you talking about the focusrite?

    also i heard the blue mics are not good for rap hip hop vocals?

    do you know anything about that?
  4. andrew269

    andrew269 Guest

    i meant the focusrite. if you want to go pro tools i'm not going to try and talk you out of it. i would suggest digital performer but if you're a pc user that is out of the question. so pro tools is fine.

    with the focusrite i think you're paying around 600 or 700 for 8 decent pre amps. are you really going to mic that many instruments at once? you could spent 400 on a GT brick which has been getting a good buzz around here and save the other 200 to upgrade your mic.

    all i know about the blue mics for sure is that they are pretty applitcation specific. they aren't one trick ponies. maybe you could consider a 40 series audio technica or something along those lines?

    CRSBEATZ36 Guest

    yeah im short on cash!

    do you think it would be a good idea just to hold of on a mic pre (just use the ones in the 002)and get a better mic?
  6. andrew269

    andrew269 Guest

    i would say you should spend as much as you can on a single high quality mic pre for your vocals and spend what you have left on the microphone. in the long run the pre will be more important.

    the gt brick is a basic tube pre-amp for $400 that will outperform the digi's pres with ease. and if you're not buying the octopre, which was 600, you have 200 more dollars to put toward a mic. the blue mic is 600 by itself, with the extra 200 you saved on the pre you have $800 to play with. like i said, look into a high end audio technica or maybe the rode k2. you'd have one solid pre and one solid mic that you would probably still use years down the road.
  7. Kswiss

    Kswiss Guest

    If you aren't live tracking full bands, you could ditch the PT and go for Cubase and choose the interface. Then you could buy less interface and more mic pre and mic....
  8. McCheese

    McCheese Well-Known Member

    Mar 24, 2005
    I would recommend saving some money on that Avid HD and getting a firewire drive or two from Pacific Pro Audio. A lot of studios in the seattle area use them since the store is there, and I'm up in Alaska and have one.
  9. THeBLueROom

    THeBLueROom Active Member

    Jan 15, 2005
    I'd drop the mic and the pre and get yourself into some better stuff for cheaper.

    pre: find a nice one channel pre. For about that price, a Presonus Eureka would do fine from what I've heard.

    mic: ADK TC, excellent mic that is great on vocals and instruments.

    these two will get you a very competitive sound and will bring the quality level up on all your recordings.
  10. frob

    frob Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2004
    stop me if i wronge here but with the octapre and the 002 arnt you getting 16 inputs? i track live full bands and i rarly use more than 8. i would say go with cubace (SX3 has added support for acid a fantascit looping program) and buy a good streio converter and a good two chanel Pre and one good mic. almost any good hard drive will do if you just build a good PC then you sould just buy a hard drive, since you doing hiphop i would say about any HHD with 7200rpm and a 8MB buffer would do fine.

    save you monney, and put it where it will do the most for you. i said go with cubase, but if you know PT and like PT stay with PT its fine, but i would not go with 002, dont they have a two chanel one that is desent? i havent looked at PT hardware in about a year, but there are plenty of PT lover here that can shove you in the right direction.
  11. 187

    187 Guest

    my opinion...

    PT :roll: >Cubase SX 3 :cool:
    M Audio monitors :( invest in better monitors if you can It's extremely important that you don't skimp in this least check out KRK Rokits.If your on a budget...
    BLUE mics = Great...imo better suited for singers (just look at the thing can you see DMX or any rapper actually in front of it? 8)
    There's most def no point in getting that mic pre strip like the others hinted why have 6-8 ok/substandard pre's when you can have one really good one?If your dong hip hop you'll never need more than 1 two at the most...If you need to preamplify other things such as guitars and what not a small mixer will do.

    AND if you plan on making beats you can go the software route if you can't afford a workstation right now....A 61 key midi keyboard =$300 Reason 3.0 =$500ish or FL :roll: =$100-300
    with that kind of set up youv'e basicly turned your pc into a workstation.

    Reason 3.0 =Drum machine,Dr Rex player,2 sound modules /sampler hybrids,2 synths,the new combinator that allows for easy layering of the devices listed so that when you press a key you can trigger all sounds routed to the combi to play at once making super phat basses or layering completly different instruments to make your own creation.It also ofers a mastering suite,plenty of effects and other nifty features.

    you owe it to yourself to check it out. :cool:
  12. rudedogg

    rudedogg Guest

    i would drop this stuff:

    600 blue baby
    1300 digi 002R
    600 focusrite octo

    and get this instead:

    650 RME adi-2 (converter)
    400 groove tubes brick (preamp)
    450 digi mbox (interface)
    500 rode ntk (mic)
    200 fmr audio RNP (compressor)
    40 mogami 15' cable
    60 2x 6' mogami trs patch cables

    now you have 200 to buy some weed and booze for your clients.

    or you could replace the rode ntk with a different mic and you have $700 total to spend.

    you can now record 1 channel well and get a good sound. you don't need a 002R if your only gonna be recording vocals.
    and you still have the protools to brag about.

    my $.02

  13. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    My two cents ... it's rap. Doesn't need to sound good or even nice. The 002 will do it all ... get some monitors that have big woofers like the Event Precision 8's.

    They have a reflective speaker baffel that looks real cool and they "thump".

    MXL makes a LD mic that has a gold plated windscreen the MXL V67G.

    A gold plated mic is a "must" for rap vocals. Just check the videos and pics in the mags if you don't believe meeeeee ...

    :roll: :lol:

    keepin' it "Ghetto" ... in th' woods. KF
  14. Costy

    Costy Guest

    Don't buy those. Those keys are not for hiphop bros. No sequencer,
    no sampler. It's sort of live performance keys, as I see it, very simple.
    Get a KORG Triton as sampling key, and a Nord as analog synth.
    Something of that sort...
  15. andrew269

    andrew269 Guest

    pro tools has sequencing in it. why would he need the keyboard to sequence?

    it was just a suggestion.
    and as you failed to point out, i did mention that i don't know much about them.
  16. 187

    187 Guest

    "it's rap. Doesn't need to sound good or even nice. "
    Kurt im gonna have to dissagree on this one.Obviously no matter what genre we all strive for great quality to say that rap doesn't need to sound good is pretty stupid for a smart guy like your self.
    Also gold plated mic's don't mean shyt,gold plated connections are good tho but the grill could be green and it wouldn't be any different.
    bang on bout them 8 inch woofers tho,those are a must in the woods,lol.
  17. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    No sense of humor I guess ...

    Com'on, can't you tell when someone is yanking your chain? I have never recommended MXL mics or Event monitors. Anyone who is familiar with my prefrences would get that.

    At least my spelling is correct.
  18. Costy

    Costy Guest

    Maybe that's why they didn't get it ... :roll:
    That's right. I didn't need to - you did it (twice) yourself. As for the
    sequencer - one thing is to work with keys and another with
    ProTools (very different).
  19. CRSBEATZ36

    CRSBEATZ36 Guest

    why are you guys rambling on in my s*%$. kurt you seem like a knowledgable guy so if you dont like events or mxl maybe you could steer me in the right direction.

    is the only thing diff between the 002 and mbox # of inputs?
  20. andrew269

    andrew269 Guest

    002 and mbox have a different # of ins and outs and the 002 is a firewire interface where as the mbox is a usb interface.

    as other have mentioned, you could go the cubase route and find some middle ground between the prices of the mbox and the 002.

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