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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by mhuang, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. mhuang

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    I alaready have 2 soundcards installed on my pc: an echo mia and sb audigy.
    I am thinking of buying an echo miamidi card, can a PC have 3 soundcards installed on it at the same time? Will I encounter any problems?

  2. Ethan Winer

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    Mar 19, 2001
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    > can a PC have 3 soundcards installed on it at the same time? <

    Yes, but I don't think it's a good idea.

    Why do you want to buy yet another sound card? If the goal is to have more simultaneous inputs, you will do better to replace one or both of your existing sound cards with a single card that has more inputs.

  3. falkon2

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    Mar 17, 2003
    Michael: Are you the guy who did Fantasy Reborn? Imagine meeting you here! ;)
  4. mhuang

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    hi, Ethan,

    the reason why I am thinking of getting another mia card is because my current setup have some problems.

    right now, I have my mia card's output (for playing giga samples) connected to a mixer which has my other synth inputs and then the mixer's output is connected to my audigy's input then from there my audiy's output is connected to my amp and monitors.

    I don't connected my mixer's output to my mia's input because when I do I get a horrible feedback loop, so I am forced to record using my audigy card which is pretty much a waste of my mia's 24/96 capability. :(
    I can still record voice overs and other sound effects using mia, but I'll have to mute the mia input on my mixer which is not feasible if I am trying to record the giga sample signal from my mia output.

    by getting another mia, I can then connect my mixer's output into the new mia and have the new mia's output connected to my amp without getting any feedback.

    maybe my current setup's wrong and there is a way to record all my audiy's sound and my mia's output into the same mia input without creating any feedback.
    if that's the case, i would really appreciated if someone can enlighten me on how to properly set up my system to record all my sounds using my mia input.

    yes, I did the fr projects. good to see you here too.
  5. MisterBlue

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    Mar 15, 2003
    It should be possible to eliminate the feedback that you are getting with the Mia card. Have you looked for a switch in the sound card software/control panel such as "software monitoring" or something?
    Have you contacted the Echo support? It sounds to me that the feedback problem is really where you should focus first (but maybe you have already exhausted that route ... ?

  6. drbam

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    Open the Mia console and mute the monitor function (not the analog outputs). You will still be able to monitor through your mixer if you have everything routed through it. I use a Layla 24 routing through a console and have all the Layla's monitors muted as default for this very reason.


  7. mhuang

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    hi, guys

    I thought about the possibility of "monitor" option as the culprit for the feedback, but when I open my mia console (v 6.08) I don't see anywhere with an option to disable monitoring. Just the option to mute the output and input channel that's all.

    I've emailed echo tech support last night, so I should get a reply in a few days.

    thanks for all the help!
  8. drbam

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    I just looked at the manual and the Mia does have the ability to mute the monitor section. On the left, just below the input meters you can select mute or solo, along with the ability to adjust volume and pan. You may be confusing this as an input control but its strictly a monitor function. Input level is handled by whatever outside source you're using (mixer, mic pre, etc).

    drbam :)
  9. mhuang

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    hi, Drbam

    what a coincident, I just got an email back from echo tech support giving me instructions to solve that very problem too. ;)

    it turns out the new driver's console design was different from the old one (they don't have a solo button no more) that's why I had a hard time figuring out where the monitor options are.

    I'll still probably get a miamidi, but will sell my old mia card.

    thank you guys for all your help!

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