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  1. ok when ever i want to send a signal to an fx channel in nuendo i send the signal at unity gain and ofcourse the fx channel is defaulted at unity gain aswell, but for some reason that particular track sounds louder because of the fx channel and i have to lower the fader on the original track and the fx track
    is this right? am i suppossed to bus it at unity ? is that normal for me to have to lower the volumes
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    This is how I set up sen effects:

    In the effects edit window mix should be set to 100% wet.
    Output depends on how much effect you want in the mix.
    Send should be set according to however much the effect can accept before clipping. Maybe even a notch lower than that.

    If your effect is set as post fader, there is of course a potential to clip when you bring up the fader. I like to set the effect as pre fader. That way I can control the amount of effect strictly by the effect output.

    Someone may come along and correct me.
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    That's a good recipe for FX setup, but the original question was about track loudness after effects have been added.

    If you were to switch the effect to 100% dry, you would be adding the whole of that track in twice, so you would expect to have to reduce the contribution of that track by 6dB at the original and return faders (assuming pre-fader sends). However, a 100% dry effect is no effect, so making the effect wet will result in less addition, needing less than 6dB reduction in the faders, but still more than 0dB, to retain the track balance.
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