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    Hello All,

    I am hoping this forum can help me out (yet again).
    I am in need of a studio ISDN that can also handle POTS. Here's the deal. In the past I saw a unit that treats POTS separately from the ISDN. Meaning, when making a POTS call, it would use the in studio telephone line and not the ISDN (keeping charges down). Does anyone know what unit that is?

    The ISDN/POTS will be used in radio interview situations. Sometimes our guests have their own ISDNs and I want to connect with them on ISDN. Most of the time however, guests will use their standard telephone. I know I could just get a digital hybrid (500-700) and a used telos, but I'd like to keep everything in one unit.

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    Why on earth would you want an ISDN line? Even at a double rate max of 128k it is painfully slow by modern standards. Finding consumer ISDN modems is also a PITA. Commercial units are still available as refurbished models but they are not cheap. Multi-wan interfaces for old Cisco routers are also available but you had ought to be familiar with Router OS to go that route.

    Here is some info on POTS for you:
    Netopia - The Functionality of POTS Ports on ISDN Routers - NIR_064
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    WOW... POTS and ISDN?!?!?

    Try Source Elements / Source-Connect and move into the 21st century w/o the hassle and expense of ISDN carrier charges, and old gear that's still too expensive, even when purchased used.
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