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  1. jayr55

    jayr55 Guest

    I have been recording for a couple of years now and made some nice recordings/songs over the years, i use a akgc3000 mic, going into a behringer eurodesk that is going into my soundcard then into the pc. i have a couple of synths and a drum machine also going into the mixer and my DAW is cubase sx 3 with loads of plugins/effects. the onll thing im missing is monitors and i have always used strero speakers. i use some sony strero sepakers which are brilliant and i have checked my mixes on various monitor setups in different studios and they sound exactly how i intended and sound the same on each. im currently thinking of getting some event sp8 monitors as i have heard them and like them alot but someone mentioned although they are alot better than my speakers im better off keeping mine as i have kind of mastered the sound and would take quite a long time to get the same sound with some mew monitors although it will be still the sound that i want in a way.. what do you think i should do???
  2. Davedog

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    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Very wise advice.

    If it aint broke dont try and fix it.

    Theres not a lot else to say. Monitors are so subjective and its the learning curve involved with each type that determines the reality of change in this department.

    If you had said that you didnt think you were hearing all you needed to , to accurately reproduce your sounds, then a change would be evident.

    I'm sure there are many sets of monitors that are WAY better in quality of component, imaging, clarity, depth of field, frequency response than the ones you work on. But if you get what you want out of what you have, go no further.

    I have Genelecs. I had to go a couple of YEARS getting the sound of my old JBL's outta my head before I could use the new ones properly. If the size of my room hadnt changed so drastically, I would never have gotten rid of the JBLs.
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