Its time to let Kurt out of his cage: Mackie Monitors

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by rkellus, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. rkellus

    rkellus Guest

    Alright Kurt, I've pondered the internet and read tons of opinions. However, after getting such a kick out of the thread regarding pres, I feel strangely compelled to see you chime in on the subjects of Mackie HR monitors.

    I understand that the Mackie HR824 captures more low end than the HR624s. However, based on your examination of the specs, is there enough audible difference for a performing songwriter (full time college instructor/part time attorney/ with a wife expecting a baby in August who makes no pretense of ever wanting to become a producer/audiophile) to spend an extra $150 per monitor?

    Will my untrained ear hear the difference? If I go with the 824 what am I getting for my money?

    I purcased a DAW so that I could potnetially create good quality music in my home. As I appreciate that the best of tools are only as good as the craftsman that uses them, I realize the limits and weaknesses of my engingeering/recording skills. Accordingly, if I ever record the tune thats going to change the world :wink: I will take what I have to a pro studio.

    Which really begs the question: how good do my monitors really need to be?

    I've also read reviews that suggest that the HR 624 actually performs better in the mid ranges.

    I've also seen people say that if you buy a 624 you are going to need a subwoofer. Alas, buy the 824s.

    The units will be essentially against the wall (if that matters). My study is 15 x 40 with tile floors and rock and wood panel walls.

    One of my studio owner buddies, is like you really need to buy the 824s. I am inclined to go with his advice. Yet, I am left wondering "who is the 624 designed for"

    Also the 624 foot print looks a little more approprite for the amount of space in which the equipment is located.

    Thanks in advance, and I am interested in hearing your and others opinions.

    R. Kellus
    Austin, Texas
  2. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    I'm sure you'll get your appropriate response, but until then I'm going to field this one.I have heard both of these monitors in a critical listening environment and spent a little time with them mixing simple things.I am not a fan of the 824's.I do like the 624's. They are flatter(and dont ANYBODY send a bunch of specs that says otherwise as I am quoting my ears only)and gave, what I felt,to be a better stereo image than the 824's.I think they would be easier to learn and would translate better. I dont think you really NEED a sub with these though for listening for pleasure its a nice addition.Now comes the crux of the post. ALL monitors are subjective tools.29 people will hear 29 differences in the same environment.Your learning curve for whatever you choose will determine the value of the monitors to YOU.I tried em both out...extensively.I bought Genelecs.With a sub.I have no problem with my mixes traveling.That doesnt mean YOU should buy Genelecs.Or Adams.Or ATC's.Or Dynaudios.Or Mackies.However, if you want QUALITY SOUND,you shouldn't buy anything below Mackie.And as an aside, of the last little list I mentioned,the Mackies are at the bottom of that particular pile.Another thing.....when you do finally get your monitors and get them all set up, you're really gonna want to get some air around them.Against the wal will give you reflections and flutter that you're not going to be able to mix around.Since you mentioned it I figure you must have a clue about this...So, if it can be physically done....get away from the wall....both sides and back....Another question I would have concerning the room size, is ,are you going to mixing with the length as 40' or the width as 40'....If its 40' long then by all means get away from the wall...Not only does it create a working space for the moniotrs to really do their thing, but you also have room to crawl for cabeling and such..AS ALWAYS ymmv.
  3. rkellus

    rkellus Guest

    You da man Dave! Thanks for taking the time to write. I look forward to what "others" have to say.

    P.S., The exchanges between you and Kurt are the reason that I joined up. Some of the exchanges rank right up their somewhere between letters between Jefferson and Adams :lol: and lightsaber battles from the two Star Wars trilogies :lol:

  4. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    Have you read all the other threads re; studio monitors here at RO? We have covered this ground many times. My opinions on monitors are all there including a small list I made of monitors I recommend.

    Monitors need to be picked in accordance to the enviornment they will be used in. Small room with less than desireable dimensions? Then the smaller the monitor, the less likely you are to have issues. Extended bass response in a room that is too small, is just asking for problems. In your case you seem to have plenty of space, perhaps if you can get the 824's off the walls, they may do the job for you.

    I don't care much for any speaker that has ports or (as in the case of the HR824's) a passive radiator on the rear of the speaker. I think it's best to be hearing as much as possible directly from the front of the monitor. Once again, if you are locked into placing the monitors near the walls, perhaps the 824's aren't what you need?

    While your friend may be able to report great results in his room with a particular monitor, this is no guarrentee that you will expierence the same performance. The interactions between rooms and speakers can vary from subtle to drasitic. You will notice that often designers of studios either design monitors specifically for the particular room or specify the speakers to be used. For some reason the Yamaha NS10s seemed to defeat this problem and that is why they were so loved by so many for so long. They were a known quanity.

    If I were in your shoes, I would ask my friend to bring his 824's to my place and do a "listening session", to determine if they would work well in your room. You might try to get some other monitors as well to compare.
  5. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    Thanx(i think) and welcome to R.O. Personally I've put away my light saber and have gone back to a more 'earthy'and analog methodology of dealing with miscreants and posers. Rock and rubber band.You get a large range as well as being able to go over and kick your prey after the kill.I find it refreshingly satisfying.

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