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    The BJDK Audio R22B dual channel compressor features two channels of API's patented award winning compressor circuit in a rack mount unit with internal power supply. This is the same compressor circuit originally designed into all ATI Paragon mixing consoles. Each channel includes the patented 'TUST' switch to protect the sensitive high frequency content of the audio signal even under the most vigorous of compression ratios. The perfect companion to your R20 mic-preamp and R24 EQ, the R22 compressor provides comprehensive easy-to-use control of the audio signal with custom VU metering of both output and gain reduction. The two channels can even be linked for use as a stereo compressor with true RMS power summing of the left and right signals.

    h=3JDK Audio R22's specificationshTABLE
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    * Patented TUST circuit
    * Variable Threshold, Ratio, and Make-up Gain controls
    * Switchable metering of output level and gain reduction
    * Above threshold LED indication
    * Switchable Hard or Soft Knee compression
    * Linkable for stereo operation with true RMS power summing
    *Fully balanced XLR and 14" inputs and outputs

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