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    When and how will He come back?
  2. zemlin

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    And how, exactly, does this apply to recording?
  3. anonymous

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    jesus is a lie

    Hello Jason,
    Jesus is part of one particular religon. Religions are basically cults.
    Cults deal with faith issues, and faith is believing in what is not fact. Here on the site we are dealing with facts. And even sometimes opinions. But we do not talk about things that dont exist.
    Why dont you tell us when Jerry Garcia is coming back?
    Or someone who was good at say Jimi Hendrix?
  4. maintiger

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    unless jesus is an audio engineer I suggest we leave him out of ro- anyway, he is probaly tired of everyone using his name for their own ends all the times...
  5. gomp

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    Well at least he looked like a rock-singer. If he was born these days he probably ended up as the singer of U2.
  6. huub

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    religious fanatics are so very very gay...
    But then again...Do not we all BELIEVE in the magic qualities of some legendary vintage gear?
  7. maintiger

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    great river walks on water...
  8. johnwy

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    Reverend Johnson: Oh Lord. Do we have the strength to carry on this mighty task in one night? Or are we just jerking off?

    Townspeople: Amen.

    Reverend: Amen.
  9. Kurt Foster

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    ....don't get me started....

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